Nur wenige Fanprojekte in der C&C Community sind so ambitioniert und großartig wie das Standalone RenegadeX. Der an C&C Renegade angelehnte Shooter in der Unreal Engine wird nicht nur regelmäßig von vielen Fans gefeiert und gespielt, sondern gleichsam durch die Entwickler gepflegt.

So ist heute ein neuer Patch erschienen, der auf die Versionsnummer 5.370 hört. Es gibt wieder viele Bugfixes und ein bisschen Balancing. Hier findet ihr die kompletten Notes. Hier gibt es RenegadeX zum Download.

Patch 5.370 Changelist

| Balance |

Advanced Guard Tower / Obelisk

The sentinels targeting code has been reworked. This will cause the sentinels to be able to find targets faster, and require less of the target to be within it’s „vision“ to start firing. (Please note that these may act very different than what you’re used to)

Apache and Orca can tilt their MGs 10 degrees upwards now vs only being able to tilt downwards


  • Apache Bullet explosion effect is slightly larger to better fit the splash damage


  • Orca Gun explosion radius increased from 100 to 130 units
  • Orca Missile increased turn rate and homing strength to allow them to hit air units more effectively

| Visuals / Audio |

  • Railgun: Heroic effects added
  • Heavy Pistol: Heroic effects added
  • Flechette (Green): Heroic effects added
  • Auto Rifle: Heroic effects added
  • Flak Cannon: Heroic effects added
  • Marksman Rifle: Heroic effects added
  • Shotgun: Heroic effects added

| Bug Fixes |

  • Removed bots from player count and fixed timestamp bug in Stat API
  • Fixed the AGT turrets dying and disconnecting all players
  • Ignore command now works
  • Vehicles now start with full ammo when first entered (Vehicles are promoted when a driver enters, and if they have a clip vet modification, it didn’t refill ammo, so you started with less than full ammo)
  • Possible fix to Obelisk laser switching targets
  • Respawns are now forced by default
  • Fixed an issue where the Discord RPC would cause the game client to never fully exit

| Maps |


  • Removed the old building destruction particles and sounds on the Barracks
  • Back to normal version


  • Tanks should blow up now when they try to enter the tunnels
  • Fixed the buildings „floating“ in the distance
  • Vehicles won’t be able to get into the tunnels anymore
  • Fixed some rocks sticking through the tunnels
  • Switched vehicle camo back to default


  • Fixed getting stuck between a tree and a rock on the infantry path
  • Back to normal version


  • Replaced Nod Guard Towers with Nod Turrets
  • Replaced center automatic defense of each base with a Gun Emplacement
  • Removed ramps of both Refineries
  • Added ramps to both Power Plants


  • Back to normal version


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