Phenomic gibt das Endgame frei. Am Donnerstag, den 21. Februar ist es für die closed Beta Welten soweit, die restlichen folgen eine Woche später. Dazu Patchnotes.

Was lange wärt wird endlich gut. Mit den Patchnotes vom Februar 2013 kündigt EA das Endgame an. Als Schmankerl gibt es dazu die von der Community lange Zeit gewünschten Fixes für

  • zu starke MG-Nester in der Verteidigung, die dazu geführt haben, dass MG-only Verteidigungen sehr brauchbar waren
  • wird dem Basenfarmen ein Riegel vorgeschoben. Die Gebäude einer Mutantenbasis brauchen jetzt viel länger um sich zu regenerieren, die Verteidigung regeneriert noch genauso schnell.
  • Bugfixe für das Verschwinden der Tiberiumfelder und eine Anzeige wieviel Gebiet man gewinnt, wenn man eine Basis zerstört (pvp und pve)


Patchnotes February 2013

After a long wait, it is finally there:
For more details, read the Endgame text after the “changelog”

List of Bugfixes and improvements:
MG-Nest rebalancing (Community request)
o Many players complained about MG-Nests in player defense are way too strong against all targets. Therefore MG-Nests from GDI and Nod now deal less damage versus vehicles.

Fixed bug where Tiberium fields were not shown in combat preparation in PvE combats (Community hot-topic)

• Re-balance of mission-rewards (tutorial)
o Mission/tutorial rewards got adapted to player’s progress

Forgotten base repair efficiency balanced (to prohibit base-farm exploit) (Community request)
o Several players used Forgotten Bases with a good layout, to farm them over and over again, because of their short repair time, and the good loot they provided.
o The forgotten base defense repair time remains untouched, but the “base” repair time is now stretched from 1 hour to 24hours, to make it unprofitable to “farm” a base over and over again.

• Preview of territory changes when defeating a base
o When you click on a base, you can now hover over the attack button and you can see the territory you would claim when destroying the base (works both in PvP and PvE).



How it works in detail:

The alliance that gets the Tacitus (Scrin artifact) wins the server. The Tacitus is within a giant, inaccessible Forgotten Fortress in the center of the world. An alliance that manages to conquer and hold four of seven Shield Control Hubs in the center of the world for a specified time period simultaneously to hack/remove the shield of the Forgotten Fortress that has to be defeated to win the server gets the „world won“ achievement. Alliance member on the terminals can hack (by entering a computer virus) the Forgotten Fortress’ shield to weaken it.
It is possible for other alliances to also get the achievement on the server.

3 Phases needed:

Phase 1:

Player needs to get a Code from satellite wreckage. To get one, he has to spot a satellite-wreckage on the world map and move onto it. The Player has to hold the position for 3 days to extract the code, which is needed for Phase 2.

Phase 2:

In this phase, alliances try to get 4 of 7 Shield Control Hubs to remove the shield of the Forgotten Fortress that guards the Tacitus. The Shield Control Hubs are placed around the centre of the world.

• Every Shield Control Hub has 8 positions (Terminals) to unlock them. These positions are guarded by lvl 50 bases.
o Bases can be attacked by everybody
o Terminal bases could contain advanced units (Forgotten Units with upgrades)

• Every player of an alliance that has the code can claim the position if the Forgotten base was defeated
o Only one Terminal per player. If the player already is on a Terminal of any Shield Control Hub, he is not allowed to move another base of his own onto another Terminal of any Shield Control Hub.

• If all 8 Terminals around a Shield Control Hub belong to one alliance, the Shield Control Hub belongs to that alliance.

• As soon as an alliance has 4 Shield Control hubs (8 positions per Control Hub) active, a 10 day Hack-timer starts (visible to all players).

• If any base on a position at the Shield Control Hub gets destroyed and the alliance drops below 4 active Shield Control Hubs, the timer is stopped and reset.
o The timer stays active as long as 4 Shield Control hubs are active. It does not matter which one.
o Having 5 Control hubs active acts like a little insurance for alliances.

Phase 3:

In this phase, the alliance that started and completed the Hack Timer has to defeat the Forgotten Fortress in the center of the world to win the server. The key to that battle is to get at least 25 alliance members on terminals simultaneously online to weaken the Forgotten Fortress by injecting a Virus attack.
Phase 3 starts as soon as the shield is down. It may be attacked even when the players have not launch their viral attacks, though it will be much harded to kill it, because it is considerably stronger.

• From now on the Forgotten Fortress in the centre of the world is attackable.

• Morale does NOT apply.

• Any member of the alliance that successfully finished the “Hack Timer” can attack the Forgotten Fortress.

• Players that do not belong to that alliance are not allowed to attack the Forgotten Fortress.
o The Forgotten Fortress is attackable as long as at least 4 Shield Control Hubs are active. It does not matter which one.

• So if the alliance loses one of their 4 Shield Control Hubs, the Forgotten Fortress is shielded again and has to be hacked again with Hack Timer of 10 days.
o Every base on an active Shield Control Hub, belonging to the alliance, gets an active “Virus attack”- button in selection.

• Players from other alliances could also have an active Control hub, but they are still not allowed to use the Virus attack-button. Having succeeded the Hack Timer is one condition for an active/enabled button.

Additional Info:

• Forgotten Fortress combat preparation is only enabled when the shield is down.
• Viral attacks weaken it 25 times. As more players will participate, this will raise only the duration of the viral attack (every viral attack 2:30 minutes duration, so 25 viral attacks will drain 25 levels for 62:30 minutes; 32 viral attacks will be only increase the time to 80 minutes)

• Same Command Point costs as if the Forgotten Fortress would be a regular base.
• The Forgotten Fortress has repair over time and instant repair.
• Upgraded units in Forgotten Fortress’ Defense and whole new defense units (also with enhanced tooltips to create more fitting strategies).
• The Forgotten Fortress gives no loot, but the achievement, that the alliance has won the server.
• A player can only attack the Forgotten Fortress once every 30 minutes, to ensure that the whole alliance is involved in the Endgame.
• Alliance that has destroyed the base is now in the hall of fame sheet and every Player of the alliance get the „Win server“-achievement.
• The Forgotten Fortress leaves a ruin for 3 days.
o Within this time another alliance cannot start the hack timer.
• Other alliances can also get the achievement on this server.

• An alliance with the „win server“-achievement can activate the Hack Timer and defeat the Forgotten Fortress again, but that alliance does not get the achievement again for this server.

• If an alliance has won a server and does defeat the Forgotten Fortress again with some new players without achievement, those new players will not get an achievement from this defeat.

• The same account can get both (GDI/Nod) “win server”-achievements, when winning the endgame with the same account on two servers with different factions.
• When one alliance on the server is attacking the endgame, there will be a spectator-mode for everyone (no alliance-or distance limit).



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