Wie EA heute mitteilte geht das neueste Browsergame – Projekt von EA Phenomic, C&C Tiberium Alliances nach einer nunmehr zweieinhalb-monatigen geschlossenen Betaphase in die offene Betaphase für jedermann über.

Zu diesem Zweck wurde die Welt 1 eröffnet und steht nun jedem, der sich einen Origin Account erstellt zur Verfügung, um einmal selbst bei C&C Tiberium Alliances mitmachen zu dürfen. Leider gibt es nach wie vor nur die Fraktion der globalen Defensiv Initiative zum Ausprobieren.
Um die Bruderschaft von Nod wird nochimmer ein Geheimnis seitens Phenomic gemacht. Viel Spaß bei der Open Beta!
Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances goes Open Beta!
Thousands of players have clashed during the Closed Beta phase of Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances. The air was filled with smoke and the smell of molten armor while armies have been stomped to the ground and alliances have been forged by the fires of battle. The fight for Tiberium has reached a new level and the Forgotten stand their ground within this global conflict between GDI and Nod.
Now, it is time for new commanders. Now it is time for new tactics, new alliances, new enemies and new bravery. Now it is time for YOU! Join the epic battle and crush your enemies under your heel.
EA Phenomic is proud to announce the Open Beta of Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances!
Today, the epic MMO-Strategy Browser Game opens its gates for everyone to join the endless struggle for Tiberium and domination on the battlefield! The fight for Closed Beta Keys has ended but the real battle is just about to begin!
Join now and experience Command & Conquer in your browser and soon on your mobile device. Head on to dynamic battles, demanding tactics and the ultimate challenges in this browser based MMO.
We know how hard you worked to build huge empires and form alliances that can withstand any enemy forces. We want to honor that and therefore decided not to wipe the existing servers but open up new ones instead where everyone new to this game is invited to start from the scratch. You will be happy to hear that we even opened up our first German server!
Do you have what it takes to succeed in this merciless war?


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