Die Planetary Annihilation Beta ist live, awesome! Lest hier welche Neuerungen euch erwarten und wie ihr Zugang erhaltet, und schaut euch außerdem den Kick-ass Beta Trailer an.

Wie würde es Jon Combs alias Scathis umschreiben? AWESOME! Die Beta von Planetary Annihilation ist endlich live und kommt mit nie dagewesener Zerstörungsvielfalt daher. Zahlreiche Beta Spieler werden in den nächsten Tagen ins Universum strömen, ihre Basen bauen, riesige Schlachten schlagen und Planeten aufeinander krachen lassen.

Was euch erwartet, zeigt eindrucksvoll der offizielle Beta Release Trailer:


Wenn ihr mehr sehen wollt, dann schaut in unsere Live-Stream Datenbank vorbei und seht anderen PA Spielern live beim Spielen zu.

Die größte Änderung der Beta ist wohl die Einführung von interplanetarem Gameplay. Ihr werdet nun nicht mehr nur in der Lage sein euch auf einem einzelnen Planeten zu bekriegen, sondern ein ganzes Sonnensystem zu euren Füßen liegen haben. Erobert es, baut riesige Antriebssysteme auf Asteroiden und lasst diese auf eure Feine niederhageln!

Die Patchnotes könnt ihr hier lesen:

Beta Build: 54382

  • SMASH PLANETS. Build on other planets. This is still work in progress, and you will see a great deal of iteration in the coming weeks and months. Go forth, Commanders, take over the solar system, fling asteroids at your enemies, dominate the skies.
  • Borderless full screen now supported! Alt-Enter (rebindable) to enter the mode. The game will now remember window position and what mode you’re in – full screen, windowed, window-maximized, etc.
  • Significant changes to client performance. If you haven’t been able to play much, now is a good time to try again and post in our beta forums with details about your experiences, ESPECIALLY if it’s worse for you now.
  • Major overhaul to metal density and clustering. Still very work in progress. Reduces overall metal. The actual placement still needs more iteration, as the current system results in too many unusable metal spots.
  • Overhaul of the system editor. Play around with it. Much improved flow, saving, loading and customization of planets and solar systems.
  • Big changes to landing selection. Still a work in progress. Small games should typically guarantee more reliable metal for all. Larger games can still result in limited immediately available metal. This will continue to be iterated.
  • Major changes to how we use video memory. In most cases, you should see a significant improvement in your video cards memory usage. This helps visuals, frame rate, etc.
  • Orbital: In addition to units being fleshed out quite a bit, orbital landers now work. With the lander selected, press L to move it to the ground and „load“, select the unit you want to load and right click on the lander to get on board (only some units currently support this – land fabs and the commander), then target another body. Keep in mind, celestial travel isn’t fast. Plan accordingly! Also, don’t let your commander die while on a lander. Game over man! Game over!
  • Tons of new art. Orbital units, updated land units, Delta V planet movers, and more.
  • The community bug tracker can now be opened in game by selecting Ctrl+F10 (Rebindable)
  • Water shader has more transparency now. Should make it easier to see some of your underwater units.
  • Torpedos work now. However, they don’t submerge yet.
  • ENERGY MATTERS. If you are running at an energy deficit, you’ll notice stuff that requires energy to work won’t, or will work much slower. We don’t have specific notifications about this currently, so keep a lot of energy storage or simply don’t run negative. You’ll regret it.
  • Features are now destructible. Sorry, you can’t see them start on fire yet.
  • Reclaim, wreckage and overkill are now all using a dynamic system, rather than hard coded numbers. The amount it will take to reclaim a live unit, or wreckage, are components of their total build cost, health and wreckage stability. Fabbers reclaim at a lower rate than they build at.
  • AI now builds air scouts
  • AI will seek out targets before sending bomber patrols; It will also wait to send a bombing run until it has enough to do an effective run
  • AI now builds radar
  • Significant Balance Changes, most not called out.
  • Tanks currently can’t shoot at air. We’re testing this change to see how it feels in comparison.
  • More units now can be built on land and water ; We don’t have a visual way to show this yet
  • Advanced radar satellite is really worth building now
  • Most orbital units can now move between planets

PA ist ein Vollpreistitel und beinhaltet keine free2play „Fallen“. Über den Uber-Store könnt ihr die Releaseversion inklusive Betazugang erwerben. Weitere Informationen zum Spiel findet ihr auf unserem PA-Portal.

Seid ihr auch in der Beta? Dann teilt uns eure Meinung zum Spiel mit und verabredet euch mit den PA Spielern unserer Community bei uns im Forum.

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