EA_CIRE gab in einem aktuellen Forenstatement bekannt, dass man das Feedback der Community sehr wohl beachte und sich auch um deren Sorgen kümmern will.

Während nach dem Free2Play Announcement und der GamesCom 2012 der erste Schwung des Feedbacks mittlerweile über alle C&C relevanten Foren hereingebrochen ist, nimmt global Community Manager EA_CIRE nun nach der GamesCom 2012 Stellung zu einigen Fragen, welche die Community sich in der vergangenen Woche stellte. In einem aktuellen Forenpost erklärt er, dass BioWare Victory die Bedenken der Community hinsichtlich des vorerst fehlenden Singleplayer Modus ernst nehme und bestätigt die Aussagen Jon van Caneghems, dass man trotz aller Ängste über Pay2Win sehr wohl die wettbewerbsorientierten Spieler zurück ins Boot holen möchte. Er verdeutlicht noch einmal, dass es sich beim neuen Free2Play Titel sehr wohl um einen HD-FrostBite 2 Spiel und nicht um ein Browsergame handele.


I took the time to read your feedback carefully. Actually it wasn’t a surprise for me to see the two major complaints being lack of Single Player and Pay2Win. But there also is some misunderstanding out there that I want to resolve.

First of all, the new Command & Conquer will be a full client Frostbite 2 experience, bringing you the same visual DX11 experience you expected from Generals 2. I read quite a few comments of people spreading the news like it has been transformed into a browser game, which is obviously not true.

Next, Singleplayer – Your voices definitely have been heard. What the exact result will be down the road is not up to me. But you should consider that this platform is an ongoing service with continuous support and addition of content that the players want. Because that’s a main success criteria for a Free to Play game – You need to make and support a game, that people want to play.

And last but not least, something that makes me a little bit upset is how people are actually talking about the Free to Play monetization. Most people automatically set F2P equal to pay2win. JVC said in a recent interview with PCGamer, that we’re looking into bringing the competitive scene back to Command & Conquer. There are very successful Free to Play games out there, that also focus on eSports. And those are far away from being a pay2win game.

All those points are something to consider when moving forward with your argumentation on why everything is bad around the new direction!



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