Es gibt ein neues größeres Nod-Update der C&C3: Kanes Wrath Mod „Tiberium Insanity„. Die Mod hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt Tiberium Wars in gewissem Sinne zu streamlinen. Indem man Bugs behebt, das Balancing verbessert und das Spiel auf drei Fraktionen beschränkt will man ihm neuen Glanz verschaffen.

Das sagen die Entwickler zu ihrer Mod:

Hey all, welcome to Tiberium Insanity mod page! This mod includes alot of bug fixes, (mainly fixing some bugs EA left behind), and enhancing effects and the atmosphere of the game, improving the AI and ramping up the difficulty. One of the main key factors of this mod is to eliminate subfactions, and to focus on only having 3 factions (GDI, Nod, and Scrin) Each Faction has it’s own theme: GDI focuses on sonic/zone tech in order to eradicate tiberium from the planet, and repel both forces (Nod and Scrin). Nod focuses on the power of the flame! (They use flame and purifying weapons in order to repel both enemies, while also focusing on spreading the growth of tiberium and mending their troops with it’s radiant energy, and with the aid of cyborgs) Scrin focuses on total annihilation of both factions (Nod and GDI) while increasing the spread of tiberium and causing havoc with their tiberium based technology and arsenal. I hope you all enjoy playing this mod! Good luck Commander.

Weiterhin findet ihr hier noch einige Bilder des aktuellen Updates. Alles weitere findet ihr auf der Webseite der Mod von moddb.

20200514134306 1.1 Tiberium Insanity - Nod Update 20200514134136 1 Tiberium Insanity - Nod Update 20200514133412 1 Tiberium Insanity - Nod Update

20200514133647 1 Tiberium Insanity - Nod Update 20200514133510 1 Tiberium Insanity - Nod Update 20200514133828 1 Tiberium Insanity - Nod Update