EA veranstaltet einen Strategiecontest, bei dem ihr Massen an Funds und exklusive Merchandisepakete gewinnen könnt. Sendet dazu euren besten Strategien per Video an EA.

EA arbeitet an einem Einheitenfeature um der Nachfrage der Community nach mehr Informationen zu Angriffsstärke, Trefferpunkte etc. nachzukommen. Im Zuge dessen veranstalten sie einen Strategiecontest, indem ihr eure besten Strategien per Video an EA sendet. Dieses Video wird dann in das Einheitenfeature und damit auch in das Spiel selbst eingebaut und ihr werdet damit in TA unsterblich gemacht.

Kleiner Haken für die deutsche Community: Das Video muss in englisch sein, mit Erklärungen entweder per Sprache oder Subtiteln. Nachfolgend die Nachricht von EA:

Create Strategy guides and leave your mark within the game!

Attention commanders – we are reaching out to you to give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to leave your mark within the game.
We often get the feedback from the community to get some more insight into unit numbers, attack rates, hit points etc. and take your requests seriously. We are therefore working on a unit companion feature for the game, to grant you with all the details we have available. More on this feature in the near future.

One part of this companion feature will be strategy guides – this is where you come into play: We believe that you have the best strategies and unit practices.
Thus we decided to host a community contest for the creation of strategy / unit guides. We are looking for high quality, extensive and instructive video strategy guides about the units and the game. The best videos will be rewarded with some awesome rewards.
So we want you to create one or multiple videos – describe your strategy for the game and / or different units by synchronizing the video or by adding subtitles.

If the submissions stand the quality we are aiming for, you might find your video (with you being mentioned in the video) implemented within the unit companion and the game in the near future.

We are well aware of the fact that this is a lot of effort; this is why we will reward the users with the best submissions with some nice prices.


Leave your mark within the game and create exclusive content which will be implemented and used within the official Tiberium Alliances game global. Create high quality video strategy guides in one or multiple videos, show and explain the best practices of all or selected units within the game.

The prizes

1. 50.000 Play4Free Funds, 2x 48 hours – exclusive repair time item and exclusive merchandise goodie pack sent to you.
2. 30.000 Play4Free Funds, 2x 24 hours – exclusive repair time item and exclusive merchandise goodie pack sent to you.
3. 20.000 Play4Free Funds, 2x 12 hours – exclusive repair time item and exclusive merchandise goodie pack sent to you.

The Rules

1. Create one or multiple videos about strategies and best practices with selected or all units within the game.
2. Best practices and strategies must be included either via subtitles or voice coverage.
3. Use in-game footage only.
4. Submissions only in English language.
5. Do not place any advertisement within the videos, keep it game related.
6. Do not use any unlicensed background music than the original game sounds.
7. EA requires an transfer of video ownership rights if it is chosen as a winning submission.

The contest window is open until December 23rd – 23:59 UTC.

Please submit your video link, hosted at YouTube via E-mail to info.cncta@ea.com and use “Community Strategy Guide Submissions” as subject. Please don’t forget to also submit your EA / Origin Account name within the mail.

We are really looking forward to your submissions and wish you the best of luck and lots of skill!

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