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September Ladder Wars

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5. Oktober 2020 von moby3012

Am Wochenende findet das Finale der September Ladder in Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour statt, bei dem die top 50 Spieler, sowie jeder, welcher einen Expertentitel erringen konnte teilnehmen kann und bis zu 40 $ gewinnen kann. Mehr Informationen gibt es bei

Welcome Comrades! September Ladder Wars are almost here and with a cash prize.

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The top FIFTY players (including smurfs this time) from September’s Ladder plus any player with the expert title will battle it out to determine who will be the victor. All these players will be automatically registered and sent PM’s. Here is a list of the top 50 qualifying players which will be randomly seeded in a tournament style bracket on Saturday, October 10th at 14:00 GMT (timer on your right).

There are two prizes available now, and it’s 40$ to first place plus a random prize of 15$. You must have a PayPal account to collect.

The prizes will only be awarded if we have at least 4 participating players. If the cash prize does not pay out, it will roll over to the next LWs event.

If the total prize pool reaches 60$, 20$ will be guaranteed to the winner, so long as there is at least 2 players. The additional 40$ will only be in effect with 4 or more players, otherwise it will carry over to next month.

You have to play all of your matches to be eligible for the prize. Anyone who forfeits, is disqualified or does not properly and fully participate in the event, will not be eligible for the prize. Forfeited prizes carry over to the following event adding to the next prize pool.

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