Heute stellen wir euch mal wieder eine Mod für Command and Conquer Generals – Zero:Hour vor. Es handelt sich um die Mod Project Tomahawk:Storm. Project Tomahawk:Storm ist ein ziemlich altmodischer Mod für VGen, der neue Einheiten, Upgrades und Spezialfähigkeiten hinzufügt und gleichzeitig die aktuellen Arsenale aller Fraktionen erweitert. 110% Spaß garantiert. tl;dr es ist Rückwärtskompatibilität: Der Mod.

game 2020 05 17 16 29 15 33 Modvorstellung: Project Tomahawk:Storm game 2020 05 17 16 44 52 57 Modvorstellung: Project Tomahawk:Storm game 2020 05 17 16 53 14 74 Modvorstellung: Project Tomahawk:Storm

Firstly, some graphical updates have been applied to several current units, as seen above.
This applies to things like unit cameos too!

Bug Fixes & QOL Improvements

Second, bugs and some overall QOL matters are currently being addressed in this next version, some listed down below:

– Recoded the way Command Trucks summon units to prevent cooldown exploits
– USA Mammoth Tanks are now actually more tanky (as I originally intended)
– Salvage Components are now a per-unit upgrade again (I changed this in the last version)
– The blank GP Menu bug has finally been addressed (you no longer get a blank menu when you boot up another map after playing a mission)
– The Worldbuilder now works again (posted about this a long time ago)
– Adjusted some audio effects so that they always work properly
– Even more new SFXs for units, GPs, superweapons, etc.

Campaign Work

Third is the main course of this article. The previous version only mainly addressed compatibility issues, as well as the introduction of campaign-specific arsenals.

As an overview, the next release will cover the following for all maps:
– AI Rebuilding
– Increased unit count and aggressiveness
– Consistent GP Usage
– Additional attack patterns
– Ramped up Superweapon usage

All of these have been integrated with an escalation system, that could be tied to a number of factors like repeatedly destroying enemy structures or units, which grants the AI more tools to use against you, the human player. [Maybe I’m just trying to make you go outside your base]

game 2020 05 17 15 55 30 00 Modvorstellung: Project Tomahawk:Storm game 2020 05 17 16 39 05 10 Modvorstellung: Project Tomahawk:Storm game 2020 05 17 16 03 48 16 Modvorstellung: Project Tomahawk:Storm


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