Zugegebenermaßen hatte ich den großartigen Song von Fire Saga (Eurovision Film auf Netflix) im Ohr, als ich von der Ankündigung des Double Trouble Turniers auf Gamereplays.org gelesen habe. Die Herausforderung in diesem mit 300$ dotierten Turnier besteht darin zwei Armeen zugleich zu kontrollieen und zum Sieg zu führen.

Sixteen(16) players will battle for a total prize money of $300, sponsored by that enigmatic man, AKAbolony, through rounds in which players must master their use of two armies at once. To make good use of both armies simultaneously will be a challenge, so this tournament is looking for pro+ level players via invite, however, it is open to all players that signup, if there is room left for them.

  • 1 vs 1 Single Elimination
  • Players: Maximum 16 players. Invited players take priority, if 16+ sign ups, host will decide
  • Dual Army Matchups = Each player gets 2 armies to play with at start. Matchups below. No reverse.
  • All games need to be Mirrors Matchups.
  • Best of 09 for Round 1 & 2. Bo11 for Semi Finals & the Finals.
  • First player in the bracket to select the first Matchup
  • Second player selects the second Matchup and so on.
  • Loser Picks map
  • Each map to be played once.
  • If the score is tied. The deciding match will always be a mirror match-up on a set map. Which can be found below

Hier findet ihr den offiziellen Ankündigungspost.

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