Dass die C&C Remastered Spiele bei allem Lob einige Schwächen haben ist recht unstrittig. Die Ini-Dateien der alten Command and Conquer Spiele wurden unter GPL3 Open Source gestellt und haben Moddern ganz neue Möglichkeiten gegeben, das Spiel und dessen Mechaniken zu beeinflussen.  Der User cfehunter hat nun eine Modifikation veröffentlicht die einige dieser Schwächen adressiert und sich derer Behebung annimmt. Einziger Haken, aktuell ist es kaum möglich diese Änderungen sinnvoll Online zu spielen, da die entsprechenden Funktionalitäten seitens des Spiels noch nicht geboten werden. Den Download findet ihr hier.


**Every feature can be toggled in the INI file.**

A* Pathfinding
This mod replaces the „crash and turn“ pathfinding in Tiberian Dawn with a simple implementation of A*. Generally this means that your units wont get lost or stick to edges when moving around the map.

Rally Points
All construction buildings (and repair depots) can now set rally points. Order a building to move to set a rally point on the ground. Hold Alt to set a rally point on a unit or building.

Repair Suspended Instead of Cancelled
Buildings will no longer cancel their repairs if you run out of money. They’ll just pause and continue when you do have money.

Harvester Tweaks
Harvesters will no longer wait around the refinery for a harvester that is further away. They’ll now jump the queue if they’re closer. Maximum efficiency!
Harvesters will also no longer try and unload at a refinery they cannot reach, just because it’s closer than one they can. (Nod 13)
Harvesters will also self heal up to 50% of their health (at the same rate as a mammoth tank) this should make their grand adventures in enemy bases a little less irritating.

Tiberium Growth Scale
Configurable tiberium growth. Defaults to 1 (normal growth) but you can set it as high as you like in the ini file

Configurable Build Distance
By default you can now build one tile further from your buildings (as in later C&C games), but you can make this distance as big/small as you like in the ini file.

Repair Depot Queue
Units will now form an orderly queue for the repair depot. No more micro management!

Commando Mission Airstrike Tweaks
Disables A10 Warthog strikes on commando missions prior to the player having a base

Aircraft Tweaks
Orcas and other aircraft will no longer fly to an enemy, realise they have no ammo, and then fly home. They’ll just RTB to reload if out of ammo.

RA2/TS Style wall building
Configurable wall build length in the style of RA2 and TS. Configurable in the ini file between 1 and 10 tiles.

JGdAuRp Der CFE Patch behebt die gängigsten Probleme in C&C Remastered


You can find the configuration file in „Documents/CnCRemastered/Mods/Tiberian_Dawn/CFEPatch“
All of the features can be toggled and several settings can be tweaked.
It’ll be created when you first start a game (skirmish, campaign or save) if you’re installing this from the steam workshop.
We don’t have any access to the frontend, so this is the earliest any mod can run code.

If you have an old version of the ini file, and a setting is missing, just delete your local CFEPATCH.INI and the game will recreate it on next run.

Make sure you leave a blank line at the end of the file!

Planned Features

Helipad Queue
Rules.INI support for TD
Red Alert Port
Better AI


Can I use this with other mods?
If they touch the game code, no. That’s just the nature of modding for TD/RA at this time.
Any data mods should be absolutely fine.

Does this work in multiplayer?
I’ve written the mod to support multiplayer, but it’s currently locked in the frontend UI and we have no way to bypass it.

Nothing works, help?
Try turning off your other mods, perhaps one of them is a code mod.

Can I suggest a feature?
Sure, create a post on nexus mods or the discussion forum on the steam workshop.

Will you port this to Red Alert?
Yes, after it enters Beta. When I’m done adding features.

Building placement doesn’t work and other random issues
If you’re loading a save game it can break if you’ve ever had other mods active during that skirmish/mission. There’s nothing I can do about this, you’ll just have to either go back to your old mod configuration and finish the mission or restart it with mine.
If you’ve started a mission/skirmish, with just my mod active, then please tell me about it. I try to make bug fixes a priority.

Can I use your code in my mod?
Generally yes, just credit me.
Please don’t just re-upload my mod with data changes though.

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