Es gibt wieder Neuigkeiten vond er Remaster-Front! Jim Vessella hat soeben im C&C Reddit einen neuen Beitrag gepostet, in dem er den aktuellen Stand der Remaster wiedergibt und das Projekt „Community Council“ vorstellt. Dieser soll die aktivsten und einflussreiche Community Mitglieder der C&C Community zusammenfassen und es den Entwicklern ermöglichen direkt bei den Fans schneller wichtiges Feedback einholen zu können. Hier der Originalpost:

Fellow Command & Conquer fans,

It’s been a little over a month since we announced details about Command & Conquer Remastered, and we continue to be humbled by the excitement from the community. To provide a quick update on our development timeline, I’m excited to share that Petroglyph officially started development in December and are well underway with their pre-production items. Lemon Sky is equally hard at work, and already generating some of our first pieces of concept art. We can’t wait to begin sharing more about the development, and discussing many of your suggestions in the feedback thus far.

Speaking of which, the team at Petroglyph, Lemon Sky, and myself have been actively reading your questions and comments here on Reddit. I wanted to acknowledge some of the top questions we’re hearing:

  • What is the difference between a Remaster and a Remake?
  • What visual approach are you taking – 2D or 3D?
  • Do you have the original source code?
  • What technology / engine are you using for the game?
  • What is going to happen with the FMVs?
  • What quality of life improvements are you considering?

While we’re not ready to answer all of these questions just yet, they are top of mind as we continue our pre-production work. In the meantime, I would like to address one of the more popular questions: Is this a remaster or a remake?

This is a remaster. Our intention is to keep the story, script, and content as authentic as possible to the original games, while providing much higher fidelity with modern quality of life improvements. As Joe stated in his initial post, the Command & Conquer look and feel is incredibly important to us, and will be one of the benchmarks we judge every decision against.

Just as important, we want to deliver on our commitment to ensure the community has a strong voice in how we remaster C&C. As a first step in this goal, I’m eager to announce we have officially formed the Command & Conquer Remastered Community Council. The Community Council is a group of 13 of the most dedicated C&C Community leaders, ranging from key mod developers, to streamers, and web admins. This group will have a direct line of access to myself and the Petroglyph dev team, and will be a critical sounding board for design discussions and artistic feedback. They will also act as a voice for the community, advocating for what all of you feel are the most important topics to consider.

Keep in mind that because of the depth of their involvement, they are all under NDA and will be limited in what they can discuss publicly. Please respect their adherence to this NDA to ensure we can continue this initiative going forward. We’ve already had our first call between Petroglyph and the Community Council, and expect many more positive conversations over the upcoming months. If there are topics you wish for us to discuss with the Council, please continue to post them here on Reddit or social channels.

Thanks again for your ongoing support, and we’re looking forward to providing another update in the New Year.

Happy holidays!

Jim Vessella


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