Sim City (5)

was zum Geier... Das ist doch nen Scherz mit den unterschiedlichen Versionen ?

Och mensch, jetzt hab ich noch weniger Bock drauf :/

Und DLCs kommen doch mit Sicherheit auch...

Das ist Maxis, da kannste einen drauf lassen.
Sim City Superheroes gibts ja schon. Da kommt sicherlich noch Sim City Pets, Sim City Latennight, Sim City Zombie Apocalypse, Sim City Katastrophenpack, fünf Millionen Städtesets etc pp. Die Kuh wird gemolken bis der Euter nurnoch Blut und Eiter spuckt.
Als ob das woanders nicht so is. CK2 kommen auch ständig (geile) DLCs. Ich fokussiere auf n paar gute Spiele und die dann richtig ;)
Bei C&C hät ich auch nix gegen ne Box-Version. Brauch ich dann net den ganzen Krams ziehen.

Btw. gibt es definitiv kein weiteres Beta WE:
@moskow23 @flacwby @oceanquigley We're not planning on another beta, and last weekend's is definitely over

Umfangreiche Q&A - via:
Q said:
I'll kick it off by asking the questions that are most important to our project here:
  1. What level of permissions can users be assigned? Can I designate more than one person to have total control of the region in case something happens to the first person?
  2. What ways besides the chat box can mayors collaborate and work with each other in-game? I'm not talking about sharing simulation resources or utilities, I mean the actual ways we interact as people.
  3. Are there any built-in ways to implement a "tax" system so I can make sure all the mayors in my region are contributing evenly to the great works? Another idea we had is to set up a general fund that we could pool together for major things other than great works (like big oil HQ for our mining town, event center for our entertainment town, etc.)
  4. What are some of the other great works we will be able to collaborate on? So far I've only seen the Airport, and hints of Archologies and a space station. Anything else we can expect or will that be a surprise?
  5. How will future DLC affect the way we run our region? To clarify, say in a year a new expansion pack comes out, and not everyone buys it. Will we still be able to play together? Will people be locked out of a city that contains DLC they don't have? The best method IMO is to allow viewing of DLC, but you just can't build it in your own city. If we let people see it in action in a friend's city they might just be inclined to buy it!
  6. What happens when a player abandons a city? Say someone in the region loses interest; can we blow that city away like nothing was ever there and have someone new move in, or do they have to inherit someone else's abandoned city?
  7. Last question. Going back to my first question and expanding on the previous question, could someone have full access to a region and not have a city there? I'd like to maintain control of all the regions, even the ones I am not playing on, in case we have a "rogue" governor or they vanish and no one else has access.
Thanks for your time!
A said:
  1. At launch, the permission level is very flat. Basically there is a region owner and then everyone else. When creating a region you can choose for it to be public or private. 'Public' means anyone at all can jump in and claim a city in that region. 'Private' means only people who are invited by the region owner can claim a city.
  2. We have in-game chat we call the Region Wall. Chat messages sent on the region wall is visible to all players in the region. Message history is also maintained so people don't miss any regional conversations while they are offline. The region wall and the Ticker will also notify you of what other players in the region are doing. We also have what we call the 'Boundary UI' which is persistent in city and region view and shows the status of the neighbors your city is connected to.
  3. Not at present. You can gift money so people could all contribute money to one city who them starts the great work.
  4. Space station is actually Space Center. Then there is the arcology, international airport, and solar farm. Each one requires different resources to build and operate and in return provide different benefits to the cities connected to it.
  5. I don't know the full answer to that, but (in an ideal world) we certainly don't want to create a situation where people cant play together because of DLCs.
  6. an abandoned city can be reclaimed or restarted.
  7. At the present, you cant create a region without also creating a city in it. With that said, i don't know what would happen if you turned around and abandoned that city so someone else could claim it. (mental note: look into that)

Q said:
As mayor of a city, what kind of reset options will I have? there is obviously going to be a big learning curve here. I anticipate that I will go through a few horrible mistakes before I get things right. I don't want to hurt my region due to the learning curve.
A said:
you can abandon the city and restart it. This will affect any neighbor deals that city has going, so be careful if you go that route.

Q said:
  1. how does the trading of the "manufactured" things work?
  2. do i have an storageplace where i can put them?
  3. How do i trade stuff i made on the Global Market / another player in region?
  4. What options do the "Traders" out there have, to get the best price?
A said:
1 & 2 There are trade depots which allow you to add storage lots for each resource or manufactured good. When you have an excess of a resource it will go automatically to the trade depot if your city has one. If you don't have a trade depot, most toys have its own local storage too. If all the storage fills then whatever factory/mine was providing that resource closes and puts sims out of work.

3 & 4 trades on the global market happen from the trade depots. There is UI for the depots which allow you to import, export, or just use the resource locally. Setting up a trade with another player is a bit more challenging. You can gift resources and money to other players but there isnt UI to setup a specific trade deal. It will be up to players to work out how they want to manage resources transactions between eachother.

Q said:
Thanks for doing this teknickal - great job!
  1. When setting up a multi-player region how are invites handled? Do I send invites out for my region or do friends request to join? Is this via email or Origin?
  2. When playing multi-player, can I invite you to my region but only allow you access to a certain site? Or are players allowed to choose whichever reason they please?
  3. Are resources limited? If I go for oil/coal/metal to dig out of the ground do I eventually run out? There have been hints to this but no direct explanation of the mechanics. As a dynamic of this in the game, won't this cripple a multi-player economy if a resource is unavailable? I'd hate to build an industrial town only to lose out later when the resources run dry.
  4. Can we name the overall "regional map" that has each of the sites? So instead of "Sunny Valley" or whatever the default name would be, can the owner name it Reddittropolis?
  5. Is there any sort of interaction available for players at a regional level outside of chat? Is there any bonus or special note to having all 16 players on at the same time for a region?
A said:
  1. there is UI in game for sending out invites to friends on your friends list. It will go to their email.
  2. at present, players are allow to choose any city they want once they are invited.
  3. yes, resources are limited and you can run out. You can continue to import that resource from the global market or re-specialize your city. Also, rain and meteors are known to add resources back into the ground :)
  4. yes, you can create a custom region name when creating the region
  5. players are notified of what other players are doing via several methods, region wall (chat), the Ticker, Boundary ui and regional alerts. In region view you can also move around the region can see from a high level what other cities look like and their status. If you want to see more, you can load up a friend's city in 'spectator mode' and check out their city first hand. No bonus for having 16 people in a region (that i know of) other then just being awesome.
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Leak vorgefertigter Städte- und Regionsnamen (sowie deren Beschreibungen):
      "0x8e4a59b0": "Cape Trinity",
      "0xc27f9a62": "Cape Trinity sweeps along the sunny coast of Trinity Bay, along an important shipping route. With only three city sites, Cape Trinity is a cozy region with a good mixture of natural resources and land value.",
      "0x6779b9d2": "Trinity Point",
      "0x2b42d990": "Jutting into Trinity Bay, gorgeous views make Trinity Point prime real estate for a coastal resort town.",
      "0xfc0c91cf": "Clearwater",
      "0x3dc78265": "Clearwater is an important connection between Norwich Hills and Trinity Point. Clearwater is poised to become a major trade port, shipping resources to the Global Market from Cape Trinity.",
      "0xcf049f2d": "Norwich Hills",
      "0x4a7763ef": "Tucked away in the foothills, Norwich Hills is ready for a modern mining operation to take advantage of the hills' extensive ore deposits. Fossils found in the hills hint at underground oil deposits.",
      "0x2a6b0baa": "Cliffside Vista",
      "0xac014408": "A dramatic cliff wall separates the high-elevation city of Eaglecliff Summit from the shoreline-hugging Prospect Sands.",
      "0x7a74a6c6": "Eaglecliff Summit",
      "0xf5d3e34c": "Perched atop the cliffs of Mt. Franklin, Eaglecliff Summit is buffeted by high winds.\nThis site is peppered with small oil, ore and coal deposits.",
      "0x94966db2": "Prospect Sands",
      "0x585f8e70": "A coastal site at the bottom of a cliff wall, what this site lacks in oil, coal or ore, it makes up for with ample water and wind.",
      "0xf5b3bd7f": "River",
      "0x77cb42ea": "Whitewater Valley",
      "0xfbdbe448": "Deep in the valley of a massive mountain range, this region features the confluence of two rivers into one larger river. Five city sites hug the banks of the rivers while a rail network winds its way through the base of the mountains.",
      "0xa79638c7": "Brakeman's Folly",
      "0x0b85715d": "This wooded hilltop site has a rail tunnel running under it that exits riverside. For those willing to clear the forest, Brakeman's Folly has an overabundance of metal deposits; both coal and ore.",
      "0xae3b915a": "Whitewater Crossing",
      "0x51ae9418": "Situated at the confluence of two great rivers, Whitewater Crossing has copious coal, oil and ore deposits ready to be extracted and shipped along the river.",
      "0x42647828": "Twain",
      "0x96f2fb1a": "What this sprawling site lacks in natural resources, it makes up for in ease of use. Extending into Río Fuerte, Twain connects to the regional rail line and is ideal for shipping to the Global Market via the river.",
      "0x4d7b89b2": "Elm Grove",
      "0x1144aa70": "Filled with a dense forest, Elm Grove has a modest oil reservoir and a light sprinkling of raw ore. The fresh mountain air is alluring to visitors of this wooded site.",
      "0xf3c76956": "Riverbend",
      "0x8fc315bc": "Straddling the southernmost tributary of the Cascadia River, this site presents the challenge of developing a city that crosses both banks. The reward to such an industrious mayor is a deep reservoir of crude oil.",
      "0xfd4011aa": "Viridian Woods",
      "0x7ed64a08": "This heavily wooded region features lush green forests fed by lazy rivers flowing through the region. A wide variety of sites in several groups provide many opportunities for mayors to cooperate to fill the region with massive cities.",
      "0x566cabfe": "Lancaster Pointe",
      "0x122237e4": "A pair of deep crude oil reservoirs rest on the shoulders of a proud promontory in this site. Spectacular ocean views provide the setting for a possible seaside resort town.",
      "0xa7789ab4": "Tudor Isle",
      "0x0148cbce": "The River Stuart is severed in two by the Isle of Tudor at the center of this site. A full crude oil deposit lies at the heart of Tudor Isle, annointing the industrious with ample oil dividends.",
      "0x01e9fe3f": "Yorkshire Cliffs",
      "0x26be8975": "The dramatic cliffs of Yorkshire provide glorious summers for tourists, but make trading the coal and raw ore extracted from this site a greater challenge.",
      "0x604fb050": "Wessex Bend",
      "0x920c1a02": "Slight crude oil and raw ore deposits provide enough natural resources to begin an industry in this site. However, the real treasure of this site lies in its access to trading routes along the River Stuart.",
      "0xa0f67fb3": "Gaugin Valley",
      "0xfd989731": "This site is speckled with impressions of raw ore and coal. This flat site has a moist water table ready to supply even the most thirsty of sprawling metropolises.",
      "0xa52c8370": "Matisse Plains",
      "0xd6e8ed22": "Raw ore deposits in this site promise a fruitful mining operation to mayors wise enough to use the rail running through this site.",
      "0xcba6f916": "Monet Plateau",
      "0x67a4397c": "Look closer at this site with two choices of industry. The top of the central plateau is rich with raw ore deposits and the low-lying land features two deep crude oil deposits.",
      "0xeb7e47b4": "Rousseau Flats",
      "0x454e78ce": "Coal and raw ore deposits are scattered throughout this expansive site. With plenty room to grow, this site is ready for a massive city.",
      "0x690f65de": "Hohenburg Shores",
      "0x24c4f1c4": "With a spectacular shoreline running along the edge of this site, mayors could develop this site into a thriving resort. Crude oil deposits provide another route for city development.",
      "0x65001054": "Burghausen Hills",
      "0xbed0416e": "A large plateau tops the middle of this site, but for mayors willing to work around this impediment, they are rewarded with deposits of coal, crude oil and raw ore.",
      "0xf200ca20": "Bamberg Basin",
      "0x43bbd3b2": "Crude oil and raw ore deposits in this site serve as an excellent start to drilling or mining operations. The riverbank that borders this site is ideal for trading on the Global Market.",
      "0xc89ba5c2": "Straussburg Isles",
      "0x6c6626e0": "The “Straussburg Triplets”, a set of islands in the middle of the Straussburg River provide a compelling challenge for mayors who want to extract the crude oil from the largest of the three triplets.",
      "0x7a74ab21": "Figaro Forest",
      "0x4e2a5c9b": "This woodsy site has a sampling of coal, raw ore and crude oil resources for mayors willing to clear away the trees. The nearby river provides a convenient shipping connection to the Global Market.",
      "0xf518c03b": "Tosca Cliffs",
      "0x5161c759": "Dramatic cliffs separate this site into two distinct elevations. Crude oil, coal and raw ore deposits provide the foundation for a city focused on drilling or mining.",
      "0x0d077dcb": "Traviata Knoll",
      "0x46d77c49": "Covering one side of a large hill, this site is a dream for would-be ore mining towns. Mayors willing to contend with the steep hill will find much to love in this site.",
      "0x8b3ac14e": "Giovanni Woods",
      "0x696ae814": "This flat site provides mayors plenty of room to build a massive city. Small deposits of coal and raw ore provide a meager source of resources.",
      "0x951c174f": "Horizon Archipelago",
      "0xd6d707e5": "This picturesque chain of islands has several cities on each of its three major islands. These rocky islands sit high in the water, with exposed cliffs dictating interesting city planning choices. Island shores with spectacular ocean views lend themselves well to developing wealthy resorts.",
      "0xf3f7420c": "Oolong Peak",
      "0x50995986": "This site rests atop a high peak. What it lacks in beachfront property it makes up for in dazzling clifftop views. A major coal deposit in the center of the peak lures mayors to invest in a mining operation.",
      "0x2f9dac8a": "Ceylon Steppes",
      "0xb3ae4ee8": "This tiered site has a generous helping of raw ore throughout and a large reservoir of crude oil just below the surface. The rail running through this site is ready to carry resources to the great work site.",
      "0xbd72897a": "Lapsang Landing",
      "0x60e3f938": "Deposits of raw ore in this site are a tempting prize for industrious mayors. A nearby train trestle runs trains through this site to connect it to the rest of the region.",
      "0x53f41f99": "Souchong Summit",
      "0xc7f120d3": "Coal deposits throughout this site provide an excellent starting point for mayors willing to work at high altitudes. Rail running up the mountain to this site saves it from only being connected to the rest of the region by a long highway trip.",
      "0x8a28cd01": "Yoshitoshi Strand",
      "0x6058e87b": "The shoreline that sweeps around the edge of this site provides highly desirable land to build upon. Massive crude oil and raw ore deposits force mayors to decide between business and pleasure.",
      "0x2b0c60be": "Hokusai Cliffs",
      "0xe93de8a4": "With two tiers to build upon, this site has good amounts of all natural resources. Rail running through the base of the cliff connects industry in this site to the Global Market.",
      "0xde257d60": "Hiroshige Overlook",
      "0x325c82f2": "This mountaintop site has a large deposit of coal, but its true value lies in its breathtaking view of the entire region.",
      "0x5ce34ea7": "Conch Beach",
      "0xc0d2873d": "The longer beach, this site's namesake, is accompanied by a smaller, private beach that locals favor. Crude oil and raw ore deposits in this site can be used for the foundation of a specialized city.",
      "0x68564e1a": "Cowrie Cove",
      "0x0bc7bed8": "An assortment of raw resources in this tiered site allow for a mayor's freedom of choice. The beach running along the cove is ideal for mayors with tourism in mind.",
      "0xe962e8b3": "Triton Valley",
      "0x46050031": "Coal and raw ore in this site are found throughout three tiers of elevation, allowing for tunnels, ramps and highly desirable cliffs. Rail connects to Nautilus Plateau on its way to the record-setting Rose Bridge.",
      "0x936e88de": "Nautilus Plateau",
      "0x4f2414c4": "The panoramic view of the archipelago from this towering site is not the only draw here. Rose Bridge helps you ship all the coal and raw ore you'll extract from underground deposits.",
      "0xd29a65a2": "Titan Gorge",
      "0x78ddbcc0": "This massive region features sixteen diverse city sites grouped into four clusters. Titan Gorge runs down the heart of the valley, ending at a bulge in the Reposado River. A soaring rail trestle spans the wide gap between two expansive plateaus.",
      "0xc92a4a92": "Conestoga Crossing",
      "0x8f6f6750": "This site is rich in water with a smattering of raw ore deposits. The Reposado River snakes through this site, supporting Global Market trading.",
      "0x45d04896": "Frontier Fields",
      "0xe1cd88fc": "This site has deep deposits of crude oil waiting to be pumped dry. A railroad provides convenient shipping for industrial cities.",
      "0xa82d086f": "Pioneer Plains",
      "0xe9e98b05": "A generous crude oil reservoir has long lured would-be oil barons to this grassy site. Expansive plains provide plenty of room to build a sprawling city.",
      "0x1df4a59c": "Settler's Rest",
      "0x99f78c76": "The banks of the Reposado wind through a corner of this site, providing a spot for distributing the crude oil or raw ore from the deposits under this site.",
      "0x5cd9c204": "Hickory Ridge",
      "0x992429be": "The scenic views from this hillside gap entice the wealthy to develop on this site, but the roadwork necessary to build here present a challenge.",
      "0x0961088a": "Mesquite",
      "0x8d71aae8": "The Reposado River curves around this site, occupying a significant chunk of the area. Oil deposits somehow resist the flow of the river.",
      "0x98d006d4": "Cedargates",
      "0xf2a037ee": "An old shipping rail runs through this site and can be used to ship the crude oil extracted from the bursting oil reservoir in this site.",
      "0x63629951": "Pinewood Hills",
      "0x171818eb": "Gently rolling hills cover this wide plain. An underground river of oil provides a choice location for a drilling operation. An inlet of the Reposado River connects this site to the river.",
      "0x236feb3c": "Nugget Plateau",
      "0x9f72d116": "Scant coal and raw ore deposits provide a challenge for new mayors, but the vast plains of this site allow for plenty of expansion. Strong breezes and warm weather make this an ideal retirement community.",
      "0xbac2a92f": "Claim Overlook",
      "0xfef802c5": "Beautiful, steep views of Titan Gorge make for a scenic community. The petrified forest in this site surrounds plentiful coal and raw ore deposits.",
      "0x06619faf": "Placer Vista",
      "0x4a96f945": "This site provides breathtaking views of the gorge, the former site of a placer mine. A sizable coal deposit serves as a foundation for a mining operation.",
      "0xade0848b": "Prospect",
      "0xea2aec09": "This ore claim has mostly run dry, but there are still coal deposits waiting to be mined. Heavy winds provide a convenient source of power.",
      "0x39b44a32": "Palomino",
      "0xfd7d6af0": "This windswept plateau was home to a horse ranch that would ship horses on the railroad that runs through the site. Small deposits of raw ore are scattered through this site.",
      "0x5123b7f3": "Mustang Run",
      "0xadc5cf71": "The windy expanses of this site hide ample deposits of coal. The railroad running along this site provides a connection to the Global Market.",
      "0xe7bd53be": "Wrangler's Rest",
      "0xa5eedba4": "Abundant coal and raw ore make this an ideal location for a metals business. Winds flowing across this plain provide plenty fuel for wind power.",
      "0x0010b202": "Painted Point",
      "0xa6540920": "A beautiful view of Titan Gorge and underground mineral deposits make this a popular place to live and work.",
      "0xc1822f57": "Reflection Atoll",
      "0x460f6a8d": "This tropical island destination has sandy beaches ready for the island explorer looking for a laid back adventure in the sun. A wide assortment of natural resources distrbuted across the islands gives each island its own identity.",
      "0x9bd8d2a1": "Trader's Ridge",
      "0x6f8e841b": "Don't let the bluff in the middle of this site get in your way, tunnel through it! This site has small coal, raw ore and crude oil deposits to take advantage of. The flat low-lying areas and shoreline provide perfect locations for Trade Ports.",
      "0x22f85786": "Petrol Bay",
      "0x9e56010c": "With a massive crude oil reservoir, Petrol Bay is ready to become home to an oil drilling city. The site's shoreline curves around a large bay to facilitate crude oil sales to the Global Market.",
      "0xf0199aef": "Cinder",
      "0x31d61d85": "Set at the base of Mount Cinder, this site's large coal deposits will provide many years of profit. A rail connection and shoreline provide opportunities for mayors to sell their coal on the Global Market.",
      "0x3a4b861a": "Grand Haven",
      "0xddbcf6d8": "This site is surrounded by the Ring River, offering a nature wonderland with high land values. Mayors will find this an ideal site for a tourist or education city.",
      "0x4d794628": "Summit Vista",
      "0xa207c91a": "This plain has a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains. High land values create an ideal location for an educated city or a resort. Railways and shorelines provide locations for transit options.",
      "0x62ce40e8": "Ingot Landing",
      "0xb75b30da": "This hilly site at the base of Clipper Mountain is flush with raw ore. Rail tracks  and a sandy bay provide mayors specialized in mining with a means to export their resources.",
      "0x2bb5bba8": "Soirée Sands",
      "0x80443e9a": "This sundrenched site has white sands that tourists will flock to. High land values lend themselves to developing an educated city while the shoreline can support a ferry to transport tourists and workers.",
      "0x6e132f95": "Discovery Delta",
      "0x29dc43f7": "Roll on down the lazy Rye River as it flows through Discovery Delta. This expansive wetland region follows the course of river tributaries with creeks and ponds forming among the city sites. Four groups of cities are situated to develop amazing cities in the delta and complete great works.",
      "0x50446fac": "Sawyer's Crossing",
      "0xace68726": "Sawyer's Crossing is ready for adventurous mayors willing to cross Sawyer Creek, out to the island. Coal and crude oil deposits provide mayors with a reliable income.",
      "0x12d985f1": "Huckleberry Island",
      "0xc690978b": "The huckleberry bushes at the base of this island's crecent-shaped bluff lend it its distinct name. Once mayors pave roads down the hill to the rest of the island, they are welcomed with significant coal and raw ore deposits.",
      "0x262ca829": "Harper Plains",
      "0xb98c0ac3": "Situated in the shadow of the Big Jim mountains, Harper Plains provides an entirely level site for mayors who don't want to deal with hills or rivers. This inland site has plenty of coal and raw ore for mayors to start the mining operation of their choice.",
      "0xe0ff08c0": "Thatcher Overlook",
      "0x35347b52": "The upper overlook portion of Thatcher Overlook is festooned with an assortment of coal, raw ore and crude oil deposits, giving mayors a nice sampling for the mining and drilling specializations. The lower land that bends along the shoreline has fabulous views of the river.",
      "0x2309eecd": "Cottonwood Forest",
      "0x9e7cb28f": "This dense forest surrounds Miller's Pond. For mayors willing to clear the forest, coal and raw ore deposits are ripe for the picking. The natural splendor of the pond and riverbank provide great backdrops for luxurious high-wealth housing or casinos.",
      "0x9d428e3c": "Magnolia Wetlands",
      "0x19457416": "This site presents a bit of a challenge for mayors to curve their roads around the slough that extends into the middle of the land. Oil reservoirs under this site provide an excellent foundation for a drilling empire, but there are also significant deposits of coal here as well.",
      "0xb79ea2d3": "Honeysuckle Marsh",
      "0x1440ba51": "The portions of this site not covered by water are heavily wooded, but both crude oil and coal within this site are ready for a clever mayor to make lots of bridges.",
      "0x04223fe4": "Willow Woods",
      "0x3df23d9e": "Deep within this huge forest is a wide assortment of raw resources, including coal, raw ore and crude oil. Mayors can build a massive city in the midst of a forest in this forested site.",
      "0x48503939": "Rising Sun Valley",
      "0xb9d2d173": "Rising Sun Valley is ideal for mayors who long for wide open spaces. A large crude oil deposit in this site welcomes mayors to start a drilling business and a small amount of coal provides a source of coal for a power plant.",
      "0x3c1a15d1": "Barleycorn Point",
      "0xefcf956b": "In the middle of the Rye River, Barleycorn Point features rich crude oil deposits for mayors who want to start drilling. River views lend a scenic setting for high wealth homes.",
      "0x53c12390": "Stackolee Ravine",
      "0x87f7f742": "The creeks running through Stackolee Ravine offer a challenge to mayors. Mayors who rise to this challenge can expect to find coal and raw ore deposits on the other side of each bank in this site.",
      "0x0ab3ddec": "Cotton Bend",
      "0x67546266": "With a tributary of the Rye River curving through the middle of Cotton Bend, mayors will need to build a bridge across to reach all the coal deposits.",
      "0x4c116989": "Washtub Fields",
      "0xdf6f3923": "The Washtub Fields provide plenty of space for mayors to expand. Coal and raw ore deposits allow mayors to start a mining town and grow it into a massive mining metropolis. River access in this site is ideal for shipping metal resources.",
      "0x4aff559d": "Spooner Plains",
      "0xe7101d3f": "Mayors seeking a site for a new mining operation will find much to like in Spooner Plains: ample coal deposits and river access for shipping coal to the Global Market. A small crude oil reservoir is available to run an Oil Power Plant.",
      "0x22d1c569": "Jugband Hills",
      "0xb62f9403": "At the base of Washboard Ridge, the Jugband Hills hold valuable raw ore deposits beneath the gently rolling hills. Mayors who build a mining business can ship their metals out from the shoreline to the Global Market.",
      "0xe1e76017": "Kazoo Basin",
      "0x66762f4d": "This site features a large reservoir of crude oil as well as a small amount of coal, perhaps enough for a Coal Power Plant. Views of a private inlet provide an ideal location for discerning home owners.",
      "0xbd21955e": "Endeavor Island",
      "0x78d72144": "Help Summer Shoals recover from a neglectful mayor and learn the basics of SimCity.",
      "0x3ec84615": "Summer Shoals",
      "0xfa915a77": "A small suburb of Lucky Shores that has seen better days.  A recent government grant has been provided to turn this city around.  Now it just needs the right mayor.",
      "0x144f287b": "Lucky Shores",
      "0x6e1f5899": "A tragic meteor strike has decimated this once bustling gambling city and sent the previous mayor fleeing.  This city is in search of a up and coming mayor to tackle the recovery effort.",
      "0x617c4d77": "Sunrunner Bay",
      "0xe60988ad": "Attached to the mainland by only a narrow highway, this small island projects into Sunrunner Bay. This sunny island is a getaway for free spirits and artists. A pair of city sites share this island and all its natural splendor.",
      "0xe3503852": "Corsair Coast",
      "0xa7195810": "With its serene shoreline, the Corsair Coast is ideal for a wealthy tourist destination. Take advantage of bountiful crude oil deposits to amass your city's treasure.",
      "0x82e6590f": "Plunder Point",
      "0xc71d45a5": "Dangling from the southern tip of the island chain, Plunder Point is the last chance for a port of trade before ships head to sea. Sea shanties tell of the abundant ore deposits in the cliffs of this coastal site."
Strukturierte Auflistung bei IGN:

Dazu nochmal ein Bild einer Regionmap:


Neues SimCity Wiki am Start:

Schon mal für die Einfallslosen - ein Städtenamengenerator:

Nur Digital Deluxe Landmarken (Wahrzeichen) werden den Landwert steigern:
@MaxisGuillaume Will other Landmarks (the Statue of Liberty for instance) change your city's style as well?
@Shadowclaimer No, only the DDE ones do that

Zombieattack - Teil 2


mehr davon:
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ich würd gern wissen wie weit man mit so einem "leichten" Bausystem wie beim Zombi Video kommt... in Sim City 4 war sowas unvorstellbar meiner Meinung nach. Und im neuen Teil siehts halt auch alles viel zu einfach aus. Hoffentlich wird so ein Bausystem wie im Video auf dauer nicht funktionieren...
In der Beta ging es wegen des Zeitlimits den meisten Leuten weder um langfristig Effektivität noch um Aussehen - es zählte nur Masse - für mittlerere Bebauungsdichte kann sowas wie in den Zombie Vid u.U. reichen - aber danach würde man auch hängen - auch erfüllt man sicher nicht mehr alle Bedürfnisse - hat später Verkehrsprobleme - etc. pp ...
Endlich mal wieder ordentlich was zu berichten: diesesmal über das Öl in SimCity :)
Meine Ölstadt: ein raffiniertes Geschäft
Autor: Designer Ross Treyz



1. TAG
Ich begrüße die Spieler in aller Welt! Meine Name ist Ross. Ich bin hier als Designer bei Maxis für die Balance des Spiels zuständig. Wenn ihr wollt, teile ich mit euch meine Erfahrungen als Bürgermeister. Dafür möchte ich eine Stadt auf dem Ölgeschäft aufbauen. Daher wähle ich zuerst einmal einen Standort, an dem es im Boden viel Öl gibt. Direkt, nachdem meine Stadt geladen ist, nehme ich mir etwas Zeit, um mir meine Ölvorkommen anzusehen. Zunächst einmal will ich sicherstellen, dass ich guten Zugang zu den Ölreserven habe. Erst danach möchte ich mir Gedanken darüber machen, wo meine Bürger leben sollen. Daher lege ich durch Wege gleich einmal grob fest, wo sich meine Ölpumpen befinden sollen. Später werde ich sie noch zu besseren Straßen ausbauen. Im Moment brauche ich nur etwas Günstiges, um den Aufbau meiner Stadt zu planen.




2. TAG
Hallo zusammen! Ich fühle mich schon wie ein kleiner Öltycoon. Das Geschäft läuft bereits. Zurzeit ist der Ölhandel noch ziemlich einfach strukturiert. Meine Ölquellen ziehen den Rohstoff auf dem Boden, und die LKWs liefern das Öl an die Handelsdepots. Im Depot wird es in einen weiteren LKW gepumpt, um auf dem Weltmarkt verkauft zu werden. Wie ihr seht, habe ich meine Ölquellen und Handelsdepots abseits der Wohn-, Gewerbe- und Industriegebiete aufgestellt. Ich will schließlich nicht, dass meine Öl-LKWs durch den Verkehr behindert werden.



3. TAG
Willkommen zurück! Meinem Ölunternehmen geht es ziemlich gut. Durch Hinzufügen einer Ölzentrale konnte ich es zu einem Imperium ausbauen. Ich habe damit angefangen, die Kapazität meiner Ölquellen zu maximieren, um so viel Öl wie möglich aus dem Boden zu pumpen. Indem ich mehr Öl fördere und verkaufe, kann ich meine Ölzentrale um weitere Module erweitern. Diese erlauben es mir, Raffinerien aufzustellen und den Export auszuweiten.



4. TAG
Durch meine Expansionsbemühungen habe ich es geschafft, die Ölzentrale auszubauen. Beim ersten Modul, das ich aufgestellt habe, handelt es sich um die Raffinerie-Abteilung. Sie erlaubt es mir, Ölraffinerien zu installieren, die das Rohöl zu Plastik oder Treibstoff weiterverarbeiten. Beide Rohstoffe erzielen auf dem Weltmarkt in der Regel höhere Preise als das unraffinierte Öl. Der nächste Schritt besteht jetzt also darin, den Fokus vom Rohöl aufs lukrativere Plastik- und Treibstoffgeschäft zu verschieben.
Ich stelle meine Ölraffinerien in der Nähe meiner Ölquellen auf, damit sie die LKWs problemlos beliefern können. Jetzt füge ich einige Plastik- und Treibstofflager zu meinen Handelsdepots hinzu. Dort können die Plastik- und Treibstofflieferungen gelagert werden, um anschließend auf dem Weltmarkt verkauft zu werden. Mit wachsenden Einnahmen erweitere ich meine Raffinerien um zusätzliche Module, um die Produktion anzukurbeln. Außerdem ist es auch wichtig, zu den Raffinerien Garagen hinzuzufügen. Ohne zusätzliche LKWs erreichen die Raffinerien sonst durch die beschleunigte Herstellung schneller die Grenzen ihrer Speicherkapazität.




5. TAG
Ein neuer Tag und ein neues Upgrade für meine Ölzentrale. Diesmal habe ich die Gewerbe-Abteilung hinzugefügt. Sie erlaubt es mir, anstelle der Handelsdepots den besser ausgestatteten Umschlagplatz zu nutzen. In Umschlagplätzen finden nicht nur viel mehr Waren Platz. Daneben können sie auch um Bahnhöfe oder Anlegeplätze erweitert werden. So bin ich nicht mehr so stark von den LKWs abhängig, die meine Lieferungen über die Autobahn auf den Weltmarkt bringen. Eine tolle Sache – jetzt kann ich gelassener reagieren, wenn es an der Auffahrt zur Autobahn wieder einmal einen Stau gibt und mir gleichzeitig das Geld ausgeht.
Das ganze Ölgeschäft mit dem Abbau, dem Raffinieren und dem Verkauf war ein voller Erfolg. Ich bin mir aber sicher, dass hier bei mir keiner gern leben würde, wenn dies eine echte Stadt wäre. Schaut euch nur einmal die ganze Bodenverschmutzung an, die ich verursacht habe. Oh Mann – und die ganzen kranken Sims. Vielleicht sollte ich darüber nachdenken, in die Gesundheitsversorgung meiner Sims zu investieren ... Ach, was soll's! Sie können sich schließlich um sich selbst kümmern, oder?[/spoil]

Dazu habe ich noch ein Bild des britischen Stadtsets (Digital Deluxe):


Hier nochmal der Link zum ersten Stadt-Spezialisierungs-Blog (aus Müll mach Gold):

Compiled SimCity Twitter Informations - wird laufend aktualisiert:
kurzer Auszug said:
  • Educate your population with schools and they'll put solar panels on their roofs. They will generate energy during the day.
  • You can build a self supporting university town.
  • School buses can travel to other cities and pick up high school students. (grade schools are only for your own residents!)
  • HS graduates transport themselves to available colleges/ universities in the region.
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Flughafen Bild und Twitter Infos:


@oceanquigley Hey Ocean, question, are you really satisfied with the quality of a full airport as shown just now on simcity FB page? thanks
@CK_Tjoonz Oh, yeah - that's just the local municipal airport. It's fine for small planes.
@oceanquigley Don't you think it looks weird, 4 lanes next to each other.. the comments showed a dislike among ppl aswell =(
@CK_Tjoonz It's maybe not how I would lay it out, but it's up to the player.
@oceanquigley Ah, so I understand you can place em a bit more decent, thanks for the intell! Thnx for the answers, keep up the good work!!
@oceanquigley @ck_tjoonz wow, even airports can be customized with modules ??

Wir sehen hier also nur einen kleinen Flughafen mit der Anordnung an Landebahnen wie sie dieser Spieler dort bevorzugt hat :)


und nach 2 Jahren werden die Server abgeschaltet... ok, das Spiel ist für mich leider gestorben :/

Ist es eigentlich schon jemals vorgekommen das ein Spiel mit Online-Zwang aufgrund von Serverabschaltung nicht mehr spielbar war?
Fifa10/11 ;)

Sowas kann man aber nicht mit SimCity vergleichen. Das wird frühestens abgeschaltet wenn SimCity 7 kommt (und bei dem Releasespeed von SimCity Spielen ist das in frühestens 10 Jahren).


und nach 2 Jahren werden die Server abgeschaltet... ok, das Spiel ist für mich leider gestorben :/

Denke nicht das es so früh offline geht. Eher nach einem Jahr Umstellung auf Free2Play und ne zusätzliche goldene Nase mit den dann prall gefüllten Ingame Shops verdienen.
Unwahrscheinlich aber möglich: Wenn die Server sich nicht mehr lohnen, wird das Spiel durch einen Patch von der Serverbindung getrennt.
Ist das jetzt wirklich der neuste Gag der Kapitalisten und der Grund dafür das jedes neue Computerspiel in einer Welle nur noch mit befristeter Spielzeit aufgrund von Online-Zwang ausgeliefert wird? Nach dem Motto; habt bloß nicht zuviel Spaß mit dem Game oder spielt altbewärte Klassiker, wir drehen euch den Saft ab und kauft gefälligste die neuen Spiele, wir wollen Profit sehen.

Oder ist diese Aversion gegen Online-Zwang schlichtweg unzeitgemäß im Internetzeitalter und jegliche Kritik am Cloudcomputing und serverbasierten Spielen unbegründet?
ist doch schon seit jahren so das man jedes jahr ein neues game einer marke/serie rausbringt (CoD,FiFa etc.)

ich denke nicht das simcity nach ein paar jahren tod sein wird
was soll man schon groß falsch machen, das spiel soll funktionieren und gut ist

und welche EA spiele kann man denn nicht mehr spielen wegen onlinezwang, mir fält keines ein
ist doch schon seit jahren so das man jedes jahr ein neues game einer marke/serie rausbringt (CoD,FiFa etc.)

ich denke nicht das simcity nach ein paar jahren tod sein wird
was soll man schon groß falsch machen, das spiel soll funktionieren und gut ist

und welche EA spiele kann man denn nicht mehr spielen wegen onlinezwang, mir fält keines ein

Mindestens schon ein Titel der einen Online Pass benötigt, wurde nach nur 18 Monaten dicht gemacht:
SimCitys Road Tool (Blog)
When I started working on SimCity, Will Wright had an observation for me. "Roads" he said, "Roads...are hard."

And oh, man, were they ever. What's more, they're fundamental.

In previous SimCity's, the grid controlled spacing and orientation. In the new one, that job is handled by roads. You use roads to structure your city, to space and orient your buildings, to set up transportation networks and to give it shape.

Pedestrians walk on roads, cars, trucks and service vehicles drive on them. Power is carried by them, sewage and water travel under them. Buildings are snapped and oriented to them. Roads are the connective tissue for your city.

First, some technical details.

Under the hood, SimCity's roads are a kind of curve called a Hermite Spline. The spline is how the road is represented in the underlying simulation. All the zoning, traffic lanes, road geometry, terrain modification and the rest is built on top of the spline.


The spline is a full 3D object, so you can have layers of roads on top of each other.

weiterlesen unter:
aso sind ja doch mehr als gedacht, naja ich interessiere mich aber eh nicht mehr groß für ea spiele

aber diesmal lohnt es sich wenn wir alle zusammen spielen werden
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