Terms and rules

§1 Forum system

The provided forum system works in real-time mode. It is not possible for us to exercise direct control over posted entries. Please note that we cannot monitor the posts of our visitors and members online. We are not responsible for the content, correctness and form of individual posts. Each author of entries is responsible for his or her own contribution. Please therefore behave as you would expect other members to behave.

(1) We guarantee a safe and fair discussion by responsible moderators and administrators.
(2) Individual forums may have their own terms and conditions, so please pay attention to the announcements and notes there.

§2 Censorship & Blocking

We hereby expressly prohibit the posting of illegal, racist, pornographic, inhuman, commercial (products, competitions, foreign referrer URL's), protesting, mocking, immoral or other senseless / repulsive (spam etc.) contributions. The delimitation and classification of the facts is made at the dutiful discretion of the moderators responsible in each case and, furthermore, by the administrators. Corresponding contributions will be removed.

(1) In order to prevent misuse, we store your IP address. We will take measures to do so after serious offences (attacks).
(2) We reserve the right to temporarily or completely revoke write access or the access to the forum system for individual members.
(3) Holding a second user account for unequal discussion purposes is prohibited. In case of conspicuousness one of the accounts will be removed

§3 Discussion

We ask all members of the forum system for a committed and fair discussion and for acceptable wording. Please use a language that is as error-free as possible and that you would also accept in replies to your posts.

(1) Should your profile contain too many problem posts (§2), we will inform you and take further steps.
(2) If you create topics in a forum, which do not correspond to the area of interest there, they will be treated accordingly.
(3) Topic headings are always meaningful and should be designed in relation to the content of the topic.
(4) It is only allowed in absolutely exceptional and well-founded individual cases to directly respond to self-initiated topics. Therefore please edit your topic.
(5) The signature of your profile must comply with the rules.
(6) In case of defamation, depending on the degree of severity, a ban of several days, up to exclusion from the forum system, will be imposed (see §6).
(7) The creation of posts for banned members is strictly prohibited and will be punished with immediate banning.

§4 Community Chat

The chat is conducted via a Discord system. Any sending of system endangering material (trojans, war scripts, flooding etc.) is not allowed and will be punished with immediate banishment from the system. In this system there are participants with different rights. When using Discord, please observe the respective published rules on the Discord Server.

§5 Advertising & Linking

Advertising in our forum system is only allowed to a limited extent. Therefore please note the following points.

(1) Advertising is allowed if it is posted in the correct sub-forum and refers to a private, non-commercial project of a member who has been registered in the United forum for at least 1 year.
(2) Advertising is also permitted if it refers to one of our partner sites.
(3) Distribution for online and/or multiplayer cheats of any kind, will be removed immediately and ends with immediate banishment from the forum system.
(4) Advertising and linking to United Forum/C&C Inside is of course permitted.

§6 Penalties & Consequences

In the event of multiple violations of the forum conditions, the following measures will be taken. The system is based on the map system used in soccer.

(1) A yellow card means an intensified warning without direct consequences.
(2) A situation worthy of yellow again is sanctioned with a yellow-red card, which results in a ban. The duration is determined individually.
(3) A red card results in a ban. The duration is determined individually.
(4) A new red card after the end of the ban results in an extended ban. In principle, the ban time doubles with each new ban. In the case of particularly serious violations, a lifetime ban will be imposed.

§7 Data protection

Please note the separately published privacy policy.

§8 Rights to contributions and account data

(1) By writing contributions, all rights to the contributions (in particular rights of use and exploitation) are simultaneously waived, insofar as this is legally permissible. The exploitation of contents on United-Forum.de is exclusively entitled to the person(s) named in the imprint.
(2) Do not publish texts that are not to be reproduced permanently. A later deletion of the written contributions is usually not possible.
(3) Do not choose a pseudonym to which third parties hold rights. Remember that a later removal of your pseudonym is usually not possible.
(4)) This does not include personal data in particular.
(5) ) If there are exceptional reasons which exceptionally justify a claim for removal of a contribution or pseudonym, please inform us by E-Mail

§9 Final provisions

The following final provisions apply in addition to the above-mentioned conditions.

(1) All administrators are available for questions and comments.
(2) We reserve the right to take action against topics, posts and users in any way we deem necessary.
(3) If you leave our pages, you remove yourself from the scope of the forum conditions.

Stand: 17.05.2020

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