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PA Alpha Keys zu gewinnen! Wird PA dein erstes large scale RTS sein?

Is PA your first large-scale RTS? (Ist PA dein erstes RTS dieser Größenordnung?)

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Sep 26, 2002

PA Alpha key raffle #1

Welcome to the United-Forum PA Alpha key raffle! As celebration for the upcoming PA beta release United-Forum.de is giving away 6 Alpha keys for Planetary Annihilation in the next 9 days! Each Alpha key is worth $70 and also grants access to the beta and release versions of PA.

How do I get an Alpha key?
In the next 9 days we will host 3 polls with easy questions, every participant can win 2 Alpha keys per poll. You only have the chance to win all 6 keys by participating in all 3 polls.
For this poll you get one raffle ticket by posting your answer in this forum thread. You get an additional ticket and thus an increased chance by also voting in the poll above (you can choose multiple answers). There is no right or wrong answer, everyone participates.

The question of the first poll: Will PA be your first large scale strategy game or did you play games like Total Annihilation / Supreme Commander before?

When will the winners be announced?
We announce the winners in 3 days during the next poll. Just visit our news portal at cnc-inside.de on saturday to easily find the new poll.
The United-Forum Team wishes you best luck and is looking forward to your answer to this week's question. Happy hunting Commander!

Second raffle is already up!

PA Alpha Key Verlosung #1

Willkommen bei der United-Forum PA Alpha Key Verlosung! Zur Feier des bevorstehenden Beta Launches verlost United-Forum.de 6 Alpha Keys für Planetary Annihilation in den nächsten 9 Tagen! Jeder Alpha Key ist 70$ wert und beinhaltet ebenfalls Zugang zur Beta und zur Releaseversion von PA.

Wie bekomme ich einen Alpha Key?
In den nächsten 9 Tagen werden wir 3 Umfragen erstellen, jeder Teilnehmer kann 2 Alpha Keys pro Umfrage gewinnen. Alle 6 Keys kannst du nur gewinnen, wenn du an allen 3 Umfragen teilnimmst.
Für diese Umfrage erhältst du ein Ticket indem du in diesem Thread deine Antwort postest. Du erhältst ein zweites Ticket und damit eine erhöhte Chance, indem du ebenfalls oben in der Umfrage abstimmst (du kannst hier mehrere Antworten auswählen). Es gibt hier keine richtige oder falsche Antwort, jeder nimmt teil.

Die erste Umfrage lautet: Wird PA dein erstes Strategiespiel dieser Größenordnung oder hast du bereits Spiele wie Total Annihilation bzw. Supreme Commander gespielt?

Wann werden die Gewinner bekannt gegeben?
Wir geben die Gewinner in 3 Tagen während der nächsten Umfrage bekannt. Besuche einfach am Samstag unsere Portalseite cnc-inside.de um die neue Umfrage leicht zu finden.
Das United-Forum-Team wünscht dir viel Glück und freut sich auf deine Antwort in der wöchentliche Umfrage. Fröhliche Jagd Commander!

Die zweite Verlosung ist bereits online!
Unfortunately I never played TA, but I enjoyed SupCom very much :). It opened my eyes somehow regarding large scale RTS. So I'm excited about the upcoming PA :)

(btw. you can answer in english or german, does not matter)
Played TA back then and it really got me confused at first. Like - where is my sidepanel where i click to build stuff? (Hello C&C)
But after i got the hang of it really really liked it. And SupCom was really great too, especially with FA.

TA/SC with multiple planets? PLANETARY Annihilation? Damn Uber, why did we have to wait until 2013/2014 for it? :D
Ich habe noch kein von beiden gespielt. es wäre für mich mal eine ganz neue Erfahrung in Sachen RTS.
I played TA and SupCom. SupCom is still my most played RTS game :D
I played both but got confused at my first try and thus because I didn't actually had fun, stopped. Hopefully that will be a different case here with PA ;)
Ich habe bereits Supreme Commander gespielt und halte es für eines der Besten RTS Games.
I played Supreme Commander (And FA) extensively since their launch. Only played TA a little, but that is simply because I never had a computer good enough to run it!
I played Supreme Commander a lot (and also SupCom 2 a little bit). Still playing FA on FAF sometimes ;)
Total Annihilation was one of my first games and I played it till CDs were worn out and I had to buy a new copy. Then I moved on spring engine mods. I also played lots of Supreme Commander 1 and FA in ranked.
I played both TA and Supreme Commander 1. I am a huge fan of both and am really excited about playing this game!
Ich hab bereits Supreme Commander und alle Weiterführungen ausgiebig gespielt, worunter Supreme Commander Forged Alliance noch heute regelmässig läuft.:D
I have never played PA, but I would like to get started to play with friends in my team! :)
I played supreme commander forged alliance thouroughly, both on GPGnet and FAF to this day, I also have been on spring and zero-K and played TA. I a big fan of the familly.
Habe weder TA noch SupCom gespielt. Nur die "klassischen" RTS aus den 90ern. Bin daher gespannt auf PA.
I only played TA and zero-K and spring a little but I played the hell out of SupCom FA, wich I still play to this day on FAF :evul
PA will be my first large scale strategy game, thanks for doing the giveaway!
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