PA Alpha Keys zu gewinnen! Wird PA dein erstes large scale RTS sein?

Is PA your first large-scale RTS? (Ist PA dein erstes RTS dieser Größenordnung?)

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Ich habe schon Supreme Commander mit Add-On gespielt, auch wenn mein damaliger Rechner damit überfordert war ^^
habe sowohl Total Annihilation (noch als Original CD vorhanden :)) wie auch Supreme Commander gezockt beide absolut erstklassig :)
Heh, On the look for a good RTS I ended up going back to SupCom and it's as kick-ass as ever ;)
Supreme Commander ! Eines der besten Games.
Schon tausende Stunden mit dem aufbau von Armeen verbracht.
Bis dann der PC schlappmachte :D
I have played both total annihilation and supreme commander! i play ALOT of TA when i was a kid and i enjoyed everything about the craziness of the whole game. i also love some of the custom units that were put out by the developers after the games launch like the long range artillery ground unit morties and the cloaking sniper unit and the fake commanders! game was amazing and i can't wait to try out PA when it comes out or hopefully get a alpha key.
Played TA as s kid also, but supreme commander I played the most . It just an amazing big scale game
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