PA Alpha Keys zu gewinnen! Würdest du TA2 oder PA präferieren?

Which game would you prefer: TA2 or PA? (was würdest du präferieren: TA2 oder PA?)

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PA since it is TA on steroids. Every (well most anyway) feature of TA is present in PA, but PA has Round planets, orbital warfare, planet smashing, ...
Of course Planetary Annihilation because it's already awesome and it isn't vaporware. Although if they would really bring out TA2 I'd try it too.
Planetary Annihilation, as it seems to make something new for the genre, where as TA2, probably would end up being a new more polished version of TA1.
Planetary Annihilation I think, even though I answered TA2 in the poll, as I loved TA and also SupCom 1 and Supcom 1: TA, guess I want both :-)
Planetary Annihilation all the way!

TA2 would be a good second option later though :) I would definitly play it aswell.
Planetary Annihilation, weil es bald fertig ist und ich auf TA2 noch locker 3 Jahre warten müsste ;)
Hard to say. The scope and gameplay of Planetary Annihilation has already been revealed talked about a lot, so we know what sorta of game to expect. Whereas Total Annihilation 2 hasn't even been officially announced. Asides from the fact that it will be a large scale game, nothing else can be said about it.

For now, it is without a doubt Planetary Annihilation. Though ask me this question again in a few years, and it might be Total Annihilation 2 ;)
Ich weiß es wirklich nicht, denn Total Annihilation hab ich nicht gespielt, Planetary Annihilation is noch nich fertig und nach SupCom 2 .. haa .. weiß ich auch nicht so recht, was ich bevorzugen soll^^
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