PA Alpha Keys zu gewinnen! Welche features von PA faszinieren dich am meisten?

Which features of PA you like the most? (welche features von PA magst du am meisten?)

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I'm keen to see the way that different planets interact with each other, I find that fascinating!
I've never seen a game so big. You will be able to colonize planets and asteroids in the solar system. Then, attack your enemies with these moving bodies, hence the name PA.
The possibility to play at very lot of players in a same solar system is very exiting. More, lot of differents environment exist in the game, rock, water, metal, etc. Lot of possibilities exist for make your base and conquer the galaxy.
Thank you Uber Entertainment
I'm most excited about being able to go from planet to planet and changing their orbit to help destory the other person or make it easier to move around for you, also really like that you can make your own solar systems, pretty sweet stuff
The fact that it's a TA game so more or less all of the above, but the really new feature is going to be Destructable terrain and the Planet Generator . I'd really wish they had shields from the start but oh well.
Strategic Zoom + since TA the "assist" concept with actual builders + massive robot clashes.

Plus the massive mod support on PA will just be uber impressing (and is already ...) :)
Mich Faszinieren die Features wie die Einheitenkannone und das bauen auf Verschiedenen Planeten sehr, außerdem finde ich es besonders cool wenn das mit dem Asteroiden denn man auf den Planeten zusteuern kann geht das wäre einfach nur der Hammer. :D
Others (etwas anderes):
1. Planeten-Wurf-Super-Waffe :D
2. Das Game soll auf Linux laufen! *baem*
3. LAN-Games
4. DRM-Frei erhältlich.
Klar, gibt's auch bei Steam und kann man dort adden (bequemer), aber die Möglichkeit das auch so laufen zu lassen find ich super!
Ich mag das SciFi Setting, da die Möglichkeiten unbegrenzt sind.
I was always impressed with the scale of the games. The large maps in Total Annihilation were insane.
Supreme Commander made that a lot better with the possibility to zoom to a map view and back to your nose on the battlefield.
So if that is also possible with multiple planets in one game, that would be amazing.
Flow field path finding in SupCom2 was amazing, but it couldn't match the game play of Forge Alliance. Nice to see this feature in PA also. The planet generator and support for mods are also great features.
PA is a very creative idea! I love how the TA feeling evolved into an awesome space strategy with hyper cool weapons!
The features of Planetary Annihilation that fascinate me the most are : sphere world (ie. not a plane world) and planet/moon colonization (hope to see great videos when the beta will be out with this feature!).
Bei vielen anderen Strategiegames agiert man nur auf einer Welt/Planete, daher reizt mich insbesondere das interplanentare Konzept von PA.
The most fascinating thing in PA is the 4 element battle: Land, Air, See and Orbital. I also like the spherical maps as they really bring a revolution in RTS map design.
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