PA Alpha Keys zu gewinnen! Welche features von PA faszinieren dich am meisten?

Which features of PA you like the most? (welche features von PA magst du am meisten?)

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Alleine diese gewaltigen Planeten und alles lassen einfach so viel spielraum für Strategien. Das gefällt mir wirklich am meisten, auch alles andere klingt interessant.
well, it does start with the destructable terrain, which is in my opinion one of the features I like in many games (Red Faction, Battlefield 3, Tiberian Sun, to say some.)...
next to this I'd say it would be the planet generator and the strong mod support for me. I do know a bit the mod community and I know what some of these people are been able to do just like this.

The other things would be things I need to see how they play out first to judge them.
Really really hard to choose as all of these really get me going :
•all computer platforms
•simulated projectiles
•extreme moddability
•glactic war
•sphere map
•multiple playgrouds
•physics planet smashing
•M units
•dynamic lighting /d audio

the best part of it to me it terms of the possibilities it unlocks and of how much it is root to the whole of the possibilities is the 64bit multicore part. I'd like to highlight that this is really a first. (If it where more primordial I'd have snuck the multi platform part in there because of this game unlocking the future of gaming which *spoiler alert* will be on linux, and with the linux community will come many maaany mods, check the steam box news release this comming monday.)
Ich find den Strategischen Aufbau des Spiels sehr gut. Ohne Strategie kommt man hier nicht weit. Auch die Sache mit der Mondbasis und was sonst noch für coole Features kommen, find ich sehr faszinierend. :D
I voted other as I believe "64bit" and "multi-core" should really have been an option or options and they are the most important thing to me.
Well I've played Supreme Commander for hours and hours. So it goes without saying that I'm thrilled about PA! : )

This will be the kind of game just made for me and my friends! Huge scale combats and especially the fighting between planets in a large universe sounds like true progress! : D
Personally, I like the concept of moon bases most. I hope the economic system is just as like as it was in supreme commander, that's important to me.
The great thing about PA is the fact that it will have very large scale gameplay. The usual skirmish game where you choose you map and go play, will be replaces for epic scale battles between planets. Even asteroids will be available to use and build on. I think this is the big unique selling point of PA, and therefore the next great RTS game which fascinates me most!
Diese riesigen, zerstörbaren Umgebungen faszinieren mich. Ebenso viele der anderen Features :)
Die Kugelmaps sind wohl das interessanteste Feature - dürfte nur echt spannend sein wie man in diese richtige Abwechlung rein bringt (Höhenstufen - unpassierbares Terrain - ...).
Freue mich schon richtig darauf, dass die Karten "keine Grenzen" haben (Punkt 1). Wobei es im Großen und Ganzen das Gesamtkonzept ist was für mich den Reiz ausmacht.
The best feature in PA is obviously the possibility to annihilate planets & the solar system with ~40 players!
The best feature in my opinions is that you can capture Asteroids and shot them at the enemie base :p
cant wait to play this;

Planetary scale and destroy-able terrain have got to be the best points of the game !!

Any release dates planned yet ??

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