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  1. Insomnia^ a-sync

    Insomnia made my game go out of synch too, and then I asked for free win, and when I come back from dinner he didn't sell out he killed me off. Bad sport.
  2. Ladder Season 3 Turnierbäume Ra3/ KW

    Mutou and Matiz will go to Germany for RA3, and Boffinek and Panadero will go for KW. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a blatant troll.
  3. LS3 2te Gruppenphase

    So the question is, do you guys think he should be DQed or not? I personally think he is a fair player, and whether he is Ukraine or not doesn't matter if he is currently residing in Russia, right?
  4. Mr.Sweetness`s sehr großer Laming-Guide

    Blood sport doesn't need this guide, he is the first BH I found that is naturally lamer than Crystal's. Disgusting.
  5. LS3 2te Gruppenphase

    I'm not too good with German, but yes I will win ls3.
  6. [RA3] Team Alias Tournament + Website!!

    Hey Technique, I joined and I am in ls3 for KW. I think its like 2 hours after, so we should be done by then. And they said they will make arrangements for the GR tourney finalists, so why not for us ^^ And I think Dynamic is another that would like to do this, maybe a couple more as well.
  7. ''Grave'' hotkey...

    "Grave" key???!? What keyboard are you using xD
  8. Allies Question

    Lets all agree that KW > RA3 xD Hmm well I made this topic to figure out how to beat other factions without cheesing, and it seems like I had to do that on my own. Too bad it was too late in the last qualifying month.
  9. Wer gewinnt die ls3?

    I will win ls3
  10. Lepricon versus eSQ guy

    Great game, surprised me a LOT! Edit: Says it is over size limit at 1.06 mb... Its just a 30 min game why is it doing this?! SPOILERS: Man, this is why I can't play this game anymore, it is just ridiculous having an ending like that. Just completely ruins the game for me, the...
  11. APM Spamthread

    Pure push xD If i dont beat my legit record of 270 then pushing APM is wrong and I am just pro
  12. Black Hand is OP

    lol why is BMT APC :S The problem is you have to devote so much to stop it, which sometimes is impossible, that he can buggy bike your expansion. And stopping it is harder than you think, no cloaking field hurts, and since your anti infantry damage is direct and not splash, he can decoy his...
  13. News Gruppenphase abgeschlossen!

    One more group stage. Then we have 8 people in a normal bo3 tournament, and the final 2 go to Germany. Its just knowing my matchups for the next group stage is kind of important.
  14. News Gruppenphase abgeschlossen!

    Yes how will next weeks groups be decided. I would love to know.
  15. Black Hand is OP

    Wow, This is the most nervous I have ever played. But still, this is the first time encountering this, and I want to have people brainstorm for easy counter, as Blood, and to a lesser extent, Jay Jonez are one trick ponies. All they do is Manspam and its incredibly OP. But I will admit this...