United Conquer Cup - Fight for the Wildcards

Aug 8, 2009
Lieblings C&C

ZxGanon created a new tournament: United Conquer Cup - Wildcard Cup

Tournament start on the 4th of September at 04:00 PM UTC!
Check in open at 03:00 PM UTC!

Welcome to our United Conquer Cup - Wildcard Cup!

This is your last chance!
The Wildcard Cup is your last chance of attemtping to enter the Master Cup!

You will ask youself now: "But how is that possible? The Top 12 have already been taken so how is there a place left for me?"
There is a way. If one of the current...​

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i wont play at the tournament , i just dont have the time to play so much like the other players who participate on this tournament. would be just time waste ! sorry
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