United Conquer Cup - Fight for the Wildcards

Tournament start on the 4th of September at 04:00 PM UTC!
Check in open at 03:00 PM UTC!


Welcome to our United Conquer Cup - Wildcard Cup!
This is your last chance!
The Wildcard Cup is your last chance of attemtping to enter the Master Cup!

You will ask youself now: "But how is that possible? The Top 12 have already been taken so how is there a place left for me?"
There is a way. If one of the current Top 12 is not able to play on the Master Cup you can jump in as a replacement, a so called Wildcard!
The higher your placing in this tournament the higher your chance of replacing one of the Top 12 that couldn't manage to participate!

For instances Khyira cannot attend our Master Cup anymore which means there is already a place ready to be taken and the participant reaching Rank 1 in our Wildcard Cup can take Khyiras place!


Link to the official streams: Multi Stream Link (ZxGanon, Lunak89, mimmiohio)

Brackets will be created as soon as the Check-in phase is over! (04:00 PM UTC)


Round 1: Bridge Fald v2
Round 2: Tournament Twisted Rift
Round 3: Tournament Middle Camp v2.1
Round 4 (Winners-Bracket Final): Heavy Metal


Round 1: (cn2) Neo Twin Peaks
Round 2: Tournament Middle Camp v2.1
Round 3: Elevation
Round 4: Quarry
Round 5: Tournament Highlands
Round 6 (Losers-Bracket Final): Tournament Twisted Rift

3rd Place Match: (cn2) Neo Twin Peaks
Super Final: Tournament Dessert v2.1
The Ultimate Final Round (if the Losers-Bracket-Winner won): Tournament Highlands