Event MONSTER-Patch im kommen? Blizzard wirft einige Änderungen in den Raum


Oct 16, 2007
"We believe we can make StarCraft II an even more enjoyable and competitive game experience and would like to explore a series of major changes to bring about these improvements"


:terr - TERRANER


The Cyclone- Design Changes:

  • Anti-ground weapon heavily changed.
  • Damage changed to 3 (+3 vs armored) damage, attacks once per .07 seconds, range increased from 5 to 6.
  • Weapon upgrade amount changed from 2 to 1 to account for the new damage value.
  • Changed weapon name to Tornado Blaster.
  • No Anti-air weapon.
  • Movement speed decreased from 4.72 to 4.13
  • Lock On can now target air units only. Range is unchanged, and the ability now deals 160 damage over 14 seconds.
  • Removed auto-cast for the Lock On ability.
  • Supply cost decreased from 4 to 3.
  • Increased health from 120 to 180.
  • No longer requires a tech lab to build. The Cyclone can now be built with a reactor.
  • The Cyclone auto-attack missile art is now smaller to avoid causing visual clutter. The missiles fired from the Lock-on ability are unchanged.
  • Removed the Cyclone Lock On Damage upgrade from the Factory Tech Lab.

Siege Tank Changes:

  • Sieged Siege Tank damage increased from 35 (+15 vs armored) to 40 (+30 vs armored).
  • Sieged Siege Tanks can no longer be picked up by Medivacs.

Liberator Change:

  • Remove the +light damage for the Anti-air attack.

Thor Change:

  • Anti-air splash for the Javelin Missile Launchers radius increased from 0.5 to 0.6.
  • Thor High Impact Payload Mode: The Anti-air weapon, 250mm Punisher Cannons, will now be prioritized before the Anti-ground weapon, Thor's Hammer.

Banshee Change:

  • Removed the Fusion Core requirement for the Hyperflight Rotors upgrade.

Viking Change:

  • Ground mode auto-attack now deals +8 mechanical damage.

Battlecruiser Changes:

  • Energy bar removed.
  • Yamato Cannon and Tactical Jump no longer require energy to cast. Instead, each has a separate cooldown.
  • Yamato Cannon cooldown is 71 seconds.
  • Tactiucal Jump Cooldown is 71 seconds.
  • Removed the Behemoth Reactor upgrade (energy upgrade).

Raven Change:

  • Auto Turret damage increased from 16 to 24.


:prot - PROTOSS


Tempest Changes:

  • Increase supply count from 4 to 6.
  • Anti-ground damage increased from 30 to 35, but no change to Anti-air damage.
  • Anti-ground weapon range from 15 to 6.
  • New ability: Disruption Sphere
  • Immediately launches ball of energy and fires at target ground.
  • Damages ground units and buildings in that location
  • Deals 450 damage over a 32 second duration.
  • 43 second cooldown.
  • Area of Effect radius set to 1.95.
  • 13 cast range.
  • No friendly fire damage.

Zealot Change:

  • The "Research Charge" upgrade will now increase the Zealot's movement speed from 3.85 to 4.13.

Carrier Changes:

  • Remove the Release Interceptor ability.
  • Interceptor cost reduced from 25 minerals to 5 minerals, and autobuild is enabled from the start.

Dark Templar Change:

New Ability: Shadow Stride

  • Allows the Dark Templar to teleport a short distance.
  • Research from Dark Shrine.
  • 150/150 cost.
  • 121 research time.
  • Cooldown of 21 seconds.
  • Creates a visible smoke-effect upon being cast.

:zerg - ZERG


Swarm Host Change:

  • Swarm Host cost reduced from 150/100 to 100/75.
  • Increased Locust Swoop range from 4 to 6.

Ravager Change:

  • Add +Armored flag.

Hydralisk Changes:

  • Hydralisk attack range increased from 5 to 6.
  • The "Evolve Muscular Augments" will continue to give +1 range to the Hydralisk, as well as a base movement speed bonus of 25%.
  • Changed the Hydralisk movement speed to be affected the same as other units while on Creep. Muscular Augments now gives a 25% speed boost both on and off of Creep.

Baneling Change

  • Health increased from 30 to 40.

Infestor Changes

  • Has a collision radius while burrowed (but smaller than normal).
  • Can cast all abilities while burrowed.
  • New Ability: Deep Tunnel
  • 50 mana cost.
  • Can cast anywhere on the map with vision.
  • Provides an audible warning to the enemy when Deep Tunnel begins.

Brood Lord

  • Range reduced from to 11 to 10.


Remember, this is an early preview and things may look considerably different once the changes go live following the November tournament season. That being said, we’re very excited about the potential these changes have for improving the StarCraft II Multiplayer experience. Look forward to the first balance test map being released this week, and please let us know what you think in the comments below!

Unterm Strich bufft Blizzard damit wohl so ziemlich alles auf dem Schalchtfeld - sollte auch nur ein Teil davon eintreten stehen wir wohl einer völlig neuen Multiplayer-Erfahrung gegenüber. Ich finde das echt mal gut. klar kann ads erstmal die komplette Balance über den Haufen werfen, aber allein schon das Blizzard die Stagnation von SC2 erkannt hat und dem mit einem Re-Desing entgegenwirken will, finde ich echt eine tolle Aktion von ihnen.

Ich mag das Studio.

Via: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/20241474/legacy-of-the-void-multiplayer-design-changes-8-14-2016


EDIT: Kleiner Nachtrag:

Dieser Balance-Patch kann bereits ab MORGEN (!!!) gespielt werde auf eine Test-Map - und das schöne: Diese Map verfügt über eine eigene MatchMaking-Queue!

Live sollen die Änderungen nach der Blizzcon gehen. LOTV 2.0 quasi. Sehr cool.

Blizzardfanboy aus.