Heute ist das wöchentlich stattfindene "Team-Spotlight" von unseren TA Entwicklern gestartet. Hierbei werden uns die Verantwortlichen, das Team um C&C Tiberium Alliances vorstellen.
Dies soll aber nicht nur die Verantwortlichen in Licht rücken, sondern auch die Moderatoren im Forum. Neben dem Interview ist es sogar möglich in dem entsprechenden Thread Fragen an die jeweiligen Person zu stellen.
Der erste aus dieser Reihe ist kein geringerer als Skyther, einer der Community Manager für Tiberium Alliances. Leider ist das erste Interview (bisher) nur auf Englisch, aber vielleicht beglücken uns die Jungs ja noch mit einer deutschen Version. Anyway, hier das Interview mit Skyther, viel Spass:

1. Tell us a bit about yourself, who you are, where you’re from etc.
“Hey guys, my name is Patrick, Age 34 from Germany”

2. What exactly do you do for Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances?
“I´m the Community Manager. So, I stay in touch with the community, listen to their needs, give help whenever needed and communicate every single aspect of this great game. I consider myself as some kind of butler… invisible if not needed, but always at hand, when there is an issue. I think, it is really important to have a dialog between players and developers, and this is, where I come into play.”

3. What is the one special moment you will tell your grandchildren about?
“Hard question. What first comes into my mind is, when I had a wonderful evening with David Prowse (Darth Vader in EP. 4-6) with lots of beers.”

4. Which aspect of C&C: TA do you enjoy the most?
“I love the fact, that you need to think strategically. At first glimpse, it seems to be just another simple game, but when you really get into it, you see it´s way more complicated as you might have thought. “It´s easy to learn and hard to master” at it´s best.”

5. And the unit you prefer to crush your enemies with is…?
“I love the mammoth tank. I think, he´s so iconic and really really cool and whenever you think about CnC, you think about the mammoth.”

6. When you find time to play other games besides C&C: TA you spend hours with…?
“Star Wars: The old Republic. I simply love it. Great game.”

7. We all love playing games but do you have any other hobbies? Maybe even some weird ones?
“I´m a member of the 501st Legion. Look them up and you can see my weirdest hobby . I´m a proud geek/nerd.”

8. Tell us, what music/bands do you like to listen to while crushing Forgotten bases?
“Metallica, forever and always  But I also like bands like Volbeat, Skindred, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Rammstein a.s.o. I simply love smashing guitars, hammering basses and a kick-ass beat. Simple as so.”

9. And now hand on heart: what’s your most nerdy apparel?
“Definetely my CloneTrooper-Tribal-Tattoo on my right fore-arm. And my armors, sure thing.”

10. And the last question: If you were a game character, you would be…?
“In fact, I actually AM a game character. I´m a Republic Commando

Thanks for the Interview and your time Skyther!

Wenn ihr ebenfalls Fragen an Skyther habt, folgt einfach den Link in der Quelle und ihr könnt dort eure Fragen stellen.

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