Probably the StarCraft 2 race most welcoming to newbies. Not a lot seems to have changed, and playing them might even be a little easier than before -- but this might be a false impression. The best early unit is the Stalker. It's fast (chases down Medivacs), mobile, and has good defense and offense. You can chse Marines and Zerglings around this way and that, racking up kills all the while. The Stalker attacks while harassing and retreating and the micro is smooth; he reacts well to commands and almost never gets stuck. And Blink opens up a whole world of new possibilities -- you can stupidly chase down any enemy, focus-firing specific units, and Blink out of harm's way the moment the ugly beast rears its head. There's no mana to burn, just a cooldown. There's difficulties too, of course. For instance, I was chasing down some enemy Reapers, jumped down from a cliff into his base, and there a whole mass of Marauders lay in wait. And there's no going back -- high-ground. You're gonna get tired of following around with an Observer very quickly, which means it's very convenient to use Stalkers with Colossi -- these giants have absolutely no problem overcoming geographical obstacles. And, thanks to their friends, your Stalkers can now make good their escape.
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