Ancient Space - ein neues RTS von Paradox

Mar 21, 2011
Paradox scheint sich in nächster Zeit ganz schön was vorgenommen zu haben. Haufenweise DLCs zu ihren Spielen, ein neues Hearts of Iron, eine Städtebau Sim und jetzt noch ein Sci-Fi RTS namens Ancient Space:,id267,ancient_space_neues_echtzeitzeitstrategie_spiel_paradox.html

...Der Titel soll dabei den Fokus auf eine fesselnde Einzelspieler Kampagne legen in der wir mit einer kleinen Flotte am Rande des bekannten Universums operieren...

Ui cool, ich mag Paradox ja spätestens seit CK2 :)

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Release: schon diesen Herbst(?)

Main features
Rich engrossing campaign

The single player campaign comes with a compelling story that follows epic battles and tackles philosophical questions about humanity and fate whilst posing the question – what lies beyond?
Deep space exploration

Each mission advances the plot further and shows of a new angle of the world being explored with new secrets to discover and react to.
A stellar cast

The game is voiced by big names from iconic Hollywood Sci-fi shows and movies and TV series in Hollywood.
Choose your crew

Before each mission, choose up to three officers with special abilities that aid your progress through the missions. Recruit more crew members along your journey.
Upgradeable progression

All human units can be upgraded. Various upgrades to the ships is applied throughout the campaign. You decide what to enhance and what to leave behind.
Command your fleet

Build, maintain and strategically use up to 13 ship types to deploy into battle, each with distinct tactical uses during grand strategic space warfare.


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