Neuer patch out

Jul 29, 2001
- PATCH 1.03


- Each AI player can now be set to one of three different settings:
Easy, Normal, and Insane.
- Allied AI will teleport to human allies' towns when the towns are under
- Allied AI will ping the minimap to indicate where they are going to attack
- Messages can now be sent when the "Waiting for Players" dialog is up.
- Added PowerPC optimizations and MacOS X 10.2 specific acceleration to the
graphics engine.


- Fixed an issue with building reimbursement that could credit a player twice
for canceling a building.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when the system date was set to > 2038.
- Fixed map loading crash that could result from custom units that sell too
many items.
- Fixed crash with Avance Sound cards. The fix requires a minor change to your
registry. If you are experiencing this problem, please contact our technical
support staff.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when loading a corrupted save file.
- Fixed a crash that could occur on custom maps during some unit creation
- Fixed an issue causing localized versions of maps to be passed unnecessar-
- Fixed Mass Teleport crash that could result from a target unit's dying
before spell completes.
- Fixed save/load map interaction that could result in an unresponsive game.
- Fixed an issue related to unit selection and upgrading Human towers.
- Fixed an issue with Dreadlord that could cause him to not take damage
from Unholy Frenzy if he had the Sleep skill.
- Fixed some AI mining issues that could occur when their original town
hall was destroyed.
- Fixed an AMM chat message bug that could disconnect you if an AMM team
game message was sent just before game launch.
- Fixed an issue that allowed players to save after choosing "Continue" in a
single-player mission.
- Fixed a supply issue related to the Demon Hunter and his Metamorphosis
- Fixed Zeppelin drop exploit as a method of building locating through fog
of war.
- Fixed an issue with saving while "Waiting for Players" dialog was up that
could result in a soft lock.
- Fixed an issue that could create an invincible Mountain King.
- Fixed an issue related to graphical display of auras from aura-generating
- Fixed an issue with Anti-magic Shell so it now properly interacts with
magic-immune and non-magic-immune summoned units.
- Fixed disappearance of Sentinel owl in conjunction w/ AOE-targeting
- Fixed an issue with Huntress' bouncing missile that would allow it to hit
a secondary target even if it missed the primary target.
- Fixed an issue with rooted Ancients that would cause them to trigger
Goblin Land Mines.
- Fixed an issue related to Hero illusions' carrying a Ring of Protection.
- Fixed an issue with Town Portal spell art.
- Fixed an issue with hit point/mana upgrades and Polymorph.
- Fixed an issue with the Abolish Magic ability and allies.
- Fixed an issue with poison that could kill a unit. Poison, by itself,
should only take a unit to the brink of death.
- Fixed an issue related to the interaction of Shift-adding units to a group
and unit deaths.
- Fixed an issue related to replays, selection circles, and changing player
- Fixed an issue with Cyclone and moving units creating aerial footprints.
- Fixed keyboard screen scroll and "Waiting for Players" interaction.
- Fixed several minor text and tooltip issues.
- Fixed a few improper combat sound assignments on creeps and NPCs.
- Frost Wyrm attack now also slows air units.
- AI Keepers of the Grove no longer cast Force of Nature on different cliff
- Night Elf AI now uses the Wisp's Renew ability effectively.
- Disease (Plague) and poison no longer wake sleeping units.
- Moon Glaive bounce no longer hits invisible units.
- Demon Hunter's attack while in Demon Form no longer damages self or allies.
- Upgraded building shadows no longer update through the fog of war.
- Necklace of Spell Immunity no longer drops a Blademaster's Wind Walk.
- Observers no longer gain full player UI when entering a loaded game.
- Observers no longer get gold/lumber/supply UI when selecting neutral
- Fog of war updates properly now if you are alt-tabbed out of game.
- War3 now warns you when you save game or screenshot or profile if there's
not enough available disk space.
- Improved "We're Under Attack" messages so they trigger at more appropriate


- Fixed Macintosh World Editor crash.
- Added Unit Editor field for building upgrades.
- Increased number of possible dialog buttons from 5 to 12.
- Added blank entries for all units that don't normally have abilities or
attacks, allowing a user to potentially add these through the Unit Editor.
- Added Unit Editor field to set unit sounds to that of another unit type.
- Reorganized limits on pre-placed neutral units. Neutral hostile
buildings now count towards the "unit" limit of 512, and only passive
buildings count towards the "building" limit of 96.
- Fixed bug where map auto-save could bypass object limit checks.
- Fixed Sound Editor bug that would sometimes delete an imported sound file
from the map if it was imported from outside the War3 directory and the
Test Map feature was used before the map was saved.
- Fixed force issue that would cause Force 11 when you selected Force 10
for a trigger in the editor.

- Brilliance Aura has been reworked, and is no longer % based. It now adds
a fixed amount of mana per second to units under its power -- .75, 1.5,
and 2.25 respectively by level. While it's just as effective with mass spell-
casters, players will find it is less powerful (though still exceedingly
useful) with Heroes.
- Divine Shield now costs 25 mana, down from 75.
- Blizzard no longer goes up in radius as the level of the ability increases.
- Water elementals now last 60 seconds, down from 75.

- Gargoyles' ground attack was substantially upgraded. They now do 21-24
damage, up from 16-18 damage. They also have less armor (3, down from 5),
but also hit harder against air units, doing 51-63 damage, up from 46-57
damage. Note that they are still just as effective against air units as
they were before, but their ground attack has been much improved.
- Death Pact now costs 50 mana (down from 75), and can be cast twice as
frequently as before (15 seconds cooldown from 30).
- Lich Heroes now have far more hit points, as they now have 15 str + 2/level,
up from 13 + 1.6/level.
- Frost Armor is now an auto-cast spell which will target units under attack
if auto-casting is enabled. Frost Armor also costs less mana -- 40 down
from 50.
- The Spirit Tower Upgrade now costs 160/40, up from 120/40.
- Crypt Fiends' attack was slightly improved.

- Headhunters have more hit points (350, up from 280), but also strike more
- Stasis Trap no longer stuns friendly units, but has a shorter duration
(6 seconds, down from 12 seconds). Stasis Traps, when they are set off,
also destroy other Stasis Traps within their area of effect.
- Kodo Beasts now have 1000 hit points, up from 790 hit points. They also
attack more slowly than before.
- Orc Barracks cost less lumber: 50, down from 70.
- Watch Towers now do 16-18 damage, down from 19-22 damage.
- Grunts now have 700 hit points, up 20 from 680.
- Shaman's attack is far less powerful. They attack somewhat more slowly,
and also do 11-12 damage, down from 14-16 damage.
- Stasis Ward and Sentry Ward no longer inhibit movement or building

Night Elves
- Sentinel can now be removed from a tree with various dispels (Wand of
Negation, Dryads, etc.), as well by attacking the tree with a peon or siege
unit (previously, the tree had to be destroyed -- now it merely has to be
- Mana Burn no longer affects units with Mana Burn (Demon Hunters, Satyr
Soulstealers, Felhounds, etc.).
- Thorns is now a %-based ability that reflects 10%, 20% or 30% of melee
damage dealt by level.
- Wisp's sight radius increased by 25%.
- Detonate now does 225 damage against summoned creatures, up from 150.
- Non-tree buildings now have 5 armor, up from 2.
- Ballistae now have an "Attack Ground" command.
- Force of Nature cooldown reduced to 20 seconds, down from 30 seconds.
- Treants now last 60 seconds, down from 75 seconds.
- Eating trees now gives a constant, non-stacking healing effect for 10
- Moon Wells now spend mana on health and mana replenishment separately. For
instance, if you sent a 0-mana, nearly dead Demon Hunter to a Moon Well,
and the Moon Well had 100 mana, your DH would gain 25 mana, and 100 health.
Before, the Hero would gain 200 health and 50 mana. This change does not
affect the benefits of healing a unit without mana.

- All melee creeps in between levels 1 and 5 are slightly more powerful.
- All creeps of level 6 or higher now have Hero magic resistance.
- Creeps of level 7 or higher will behave more intelligently in general.
- All creeps of level 7 or higher now deal Chaos damage.
- Level 10 Dragons no longer have spell immunity.
- Many minor creep balance tweaks to damage and abilities.
- Mercenaries are now more accurately priced in general, which in most
cases amounts to price decreases.

- Scepter of Mastery no longer will drop randomly in multiplayer maps.
- Tome of Power, Mask of Death both increased in level (8 to 9 and 8 to 10
- Wand of Lightning Shield is now a level-3 item, down from level 6.
- Sentry Ward item now comes with 3 charges, down from 5.
- Periapt of Vitality now gives 150 hps, up from 100.
- Pendant of Mana now gives 250 mana, down from 300.
- Tome of Experience now gives Heroes 150 experience points, down from 200.

NOTE: Replays are incompatible between major game revisions. (1.02 replays
cannot be viewed with the 1.03 version of Warcraft III.)
man der neue patch kommt immer wenn ich nicht da bin

war bei meinem kumpel auf kleiner lan,


also irgedwei ist das neue profil fürn A*s*h

irendwas stimmt da nicht mit is ziemlich gewönnungsbedürftig:flame
Ja, das Profil ist völlig messy, ich denke mal das liegt an ner fehlerhaften Uebersetzung

Das Profil ist fürn Arsch!!!
Ach ja , ich finds gut dass die Huntress nicht abgeschafft wurden ( besser gesagt abgeschwächt...) .
Will jemand mal gegen oder mit mir zocken??
Weitere undokumentierte Changes:

Night Elf: Demon Hunter Mana Burn cooldown auf 9 sec von 6 sec.

Night Elf: Jägerinnen Eule auf Tier2 verlegt.

Orc: Medizinmann Heilschutzzauber von 200HP auf 5HP runter

UD: Höllenbestie kann nicht mehr mit Anti-Magie Sprüchen getötet werden.

Unverwundbarkeitstrank hat nen neues Icon

:eek LOL??
Orc Medizinmann von 200HP auf 5HP ?????
5 ??????????????????????????
Schau mal bitte nochmal nach. Du irrst dich bestimmt.
Danke fürs übrigen kann man die Sentinel der Huntress mit einem Schlag gegen den Baum auf den sie gepflanzt werden wegfegen.
Man die NE wurden ohne Ende benachteiligt. Das suxxort voll. :flame
5HP ist korrekt, ich bin Orc Spieler :(

Hat aber keinen wirklichen Effekt, du plazierst halt 2-3 und hinter deinen Linien, die Teile haben ne gute Reichweite

Orcs haben fast genauso mies wie die NE.
Der patch suxxort voll!!!!!
Umm, nicht der Medizinmann, der Heilschutzzauber :)

Aber hast recht, der patch war ne Strafe für Orc-Spieler, und im Moment hab ich echt Probleme gegen Teams mit 2 UD Spielern.

Die UD sind nur noch im Vorteil!!!
Die sucken derbe!
Vorallem der patch suckt derbe!!
Dank dem patch hab ich mein 90% Profil verloren!!!
Bin gesunken auf 75 % !!!
Das suxxort nur noch!!!:flame
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