Arsenal - Perks 2.0?


Aug 2, 2002
Mooff VI

The Arsenal

Included in the most recent patch is a new feature to Command & Conquer: the Arsenal. This new feature will give you additional options to customize your favorite General as well as giving you more flexibility in your strategies when playing.
The Arsenal allows you to take an additional player power with you into the game. This player power can be from other Generals that you have unlocked or one of the new global player powers unique to the Arsenal.

Here is how the system works:

To access the Arsenal, go to the Customize tab of the menu. From there go to the Modify Generals screen and select the General you wish to customize.


(1) Player Power Slot (2) Unique Arsenal Player Powers (3) Generals' Player Powers

Here you can see all the player powers you have access to and have the option to slot an additional player power.
Player powers that are available in the Arsenal are drawn from two sources.

Generals' Player Powers:
You may slot the power of any General you have unlocked as long as they are from the same faction as the currently selected General

Unique Arsenal Player Powers:
All players and all Generals will have access to two new player powers: On the Double and Supply Drop.

For Example: If you are attempting to slot an additional power to the APA Rocket General, Red Arrow and have unlocked the APAAtomic General, 1000 Suns, as well as EU Classic General, Bulldog. You will have access to slot 1000 Suns' power, Neutron Bomb, but not Bulldog's Cyber Command.

Once you choose a power, you are able to place it into your additional power slot, at which point you are set to use the power in game. The power will remain in the slot until you decide to remove it.

You will also see the CP cost associated with each power on this screen, this is charged for every game played with the power active, and there is no charge for simply slotting. This amount is deducted from your earnings at the end of each game and cannot cause you to lose CP.


When you enter the game, you will see that the additional player power has been added to the player power bar at the bottom of your screen. This player power will level in tandem with the General specific player power, however, the slotted player power shares a cooldown with the General specific player power so the two cannot be used in conjunction with one another.

For Example: You are using EU Rapid Assault General, Mercury Red, and have slotted the EU Railgun General power Plasma Bomb.


Bulwark and Plasma Bomb Ready to Cast

You enter into a fight with enemy units and sees that your units are taking a lot of damage. You cast Bulwark (Mercury Red's default player power) to protect your units, but the enemy is still doing far too much damage and retreat is the only option. You want to cast Plasma Bomb on the enemies to use the slow to allow your units to escape but since you just recently used Bulwark, Plasma Bomb is also on cooldown.

Bulwark has been used, both Powers now on cooldown
Post Game

Once you have finished a game, the cost of the power will be deducted from your earning for that match. If you earned less than the cost to use the player power, don't fret! The reduction to your CP will never put you into a negative balance, so you can use the Arsenal power even if you are at a zero balance on your CP.

For Example: You decide to slot the On the Double global player power for 30 CP, but have a CP balance of 0. You play a game and you win a fast victory against an easy opponent. You only gain 25 CP. After calculating in the use of the Arsenal, you will still retain your 0 balance.

* The Arsenal will deduct the CP cost after every game you complete, win or lose (including custom games and practice PVE games).


The Arsenal gives you endless flexibility to make sure that you can find the mix of Generals and player powers that match your specific play style. Our goal with the Arsenal is to enable you to enhance your play experience and open up a variety of new and innovative strategies that were previously not possible. Additionally, we hope to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Generals as even Generals who are not actively being played can potentially lend their unique skills to the battle through their special player powers. We look forward to your feedback on the Arsenal!



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Sep 26, 2002
Dark Citadel
Finds total daneben. Damit haben Spieler, die bereit sind auf CP (die ingame Währung) zu verzichten noch ne weitere Möglichkeit sich zu boosten. Nützt also nur den Bezahlspielern was, die sich eh alles kaufen und keine Währung ergrinden müssen. Und das ganze gibt dann noch mehr Unvorhersehbarkeit. Wenn man denkt es kann nicht schlimmer werden, setzen sie immer einen drauf :D
Jun 22, 2007
Finde ich gar nicht schlimm muss ich sagen, da sie sich ja den Cooldown teilen. Es ist offensichtlich eine Fähigkeit die man erst "ausgelevelt" benutzt. Wirkt jetzt natürlich noch etwas absurd, weil die Generäle so teuer sind, aber das werden sie sicher eh noch ändern. Der tägliche Bonus ist ja schon ein guter Anfang.