CnC Unit Image Creator 1.0

This is a Unity project that creates the images required for custom units in Command and Conquer. You will need the Unity software installed to run it as it is not compiled.


This is a Unity project that creates the images required for custom units in Command and Conquer. You will need the Unity software installed to run it as it is not compiled.


This Project will create the required TGA images required by custom units for Command and Conquer Remastered from any 3D model that can be imported into Unity.

Simply import your 3D model into Unity, align it to the correct position and scale it to fit into the camera view. Add your Unit Name and click "Play". The 3D model will be spun and snap shots taken at the required angles. The images will then be correctly named and output to the application folder as TGA graphics including the correct Alpha Channels.

The scene is setup to use a green light so that the unit can be recoloured for multiplayer teams automatically, but you can always change the colour to white if you don't want this ability.

You can also set the starting index of the images so that you can produce Turret graphics (Starting Index 32).

Hopefully this tool will help others to create new units for CnC Remastered.


The basic principle is quite simple. There is a camera in the scene that is set to rotate at 11.25 degree increments to produce the 32 directions of units in CnC.

It is then angled at 45 degrees down to give the 2.5D view.

Each frame is rendered and then saved as an Alpha Channel TGA file with the correct name for the direction.


1. The GAME window defines what resolution the unit will be rendered at. Small units (e.g. APC) should be 120x120 while large units (E.g. Mamoth Tank) should be 256x256.

2. I have setup two Display resolutions "SmallUnit (120x120)" and "LargeUnit (256x256)" - choose which ever is most suitable for your unit.


1. Import your 3D model to the scene and set the position to (0,0,0).

2. Scale the model so that it fits comfortably in the GAME display similar to the DummyObject. You don't want it to clip at the edges when it is rotated at 45 degrees.

3. You can delete the DummyObject cube once you're happy. It's just there for reference.


1. Click on the UnitCenterPoint object and you will see the "Rendered Controller Script" component

2. Enter the name of your unit into the "Unit Name" box. This should be the same as the unit name defined in the source code of the game.

3. Starting index sets the starting number for the image file. For most land units this should always be 0. However, turrets start from 32 onwards and air units can have even more.

4. With the "Unit Name" and "Starting Image Index" completeted simply click the "Play" button.

5. You should see your unit spin and then stop. Once it is stopped you can click the "Stop" button.


1. All the images can be found in the root directory.

2. The will be named UnitName-Index.TGA and should be ready for drop into the ART/TEXTURES/SRGB/TIBERIAN_DAWN/UNITS folder of your mod.

3. Add the image file names to the XML/TILESETS?TD_UNITS.XML file


The main light is set to green so that the output image can be recoloured by CnC for different multiplayer sides. This means the entire unit will change colour depending on the team colour selected. It may not be the best effect but it works!

You could also do it by setting green textures etc to specific parts of the unit if you don't want the entire unit to change colour. If you do this then you can set the light to a white colour instead.

At the moment I haven't been able to add the drop shadows automatically so your units won't look quite as connected to the terrain as the original units. I'm sure there must be a way of doing it using Unity's shadow system.
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