C&C TDRA Steam Workshop Uploader 2020-06-26

Eine generische, in Unity3D erstellte App, mit der Spieler Mods in Steam Workshop hochladen können für dein Spiel. Leider ist dies nichts, wofür Valve ein Tool zur Verfügung stellt; du kannst bestehende Workshop-Elemente verändern, aber man kann sie nicht wirklich erstellen oder Inhalte für sie hochladen, ohne Verwendung der Steam-API. Der Uploader erspart dir diesen Ärger.

Thanks goes to rlabrecque, none of this would work without Steamworks.NET.

************ How to Upload. **************

1) Launch uploader.exe
2) Enter an Item name above the "Create Item" button.
3) Press the Create Item button.
4) If successful quit the uploader. (Important as uploader will overwrite the json file on exit)
5) Find the newly created Item folder(in the WorkshopContent folder) and fill it with your mod content.
6) Edit the Item.workshop.json file and fill in the appropriate settings.
Note: Make sure to tag your item appropriately(ie: RA for mods that only work on RA) so they show up in
the right game.
7) Launch uploader.exe again.
8) Pick your item. Verify that the preview image is working and content folder is correct.
9) Update the Visibility and Change note as desired.
10) Press the Submit button.
11) Verify that Status says "SUCCESS! Item submitted! :D :D :D"
12) If this is your first submit to this workshop you'll need to login to the workshop on a web browser and agree
to the "Terms and Conditions" of the steam workshop license agreement. Once agreed you can try to press
the Submit button again and hope it works.
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