C&C Generals - GenTool 8 - Unofficial Launcher

New features:

  • Added Replay Controls bar at bottom of the screen in Replay mode
  • Added feature to set a Time Pause (JK) in Replay to Fast Forward (F) to
  • Added Mod support for player colors in multiplayer.ini that will work with Money Display
  • Added censorship of IP addresses for Replay and Text files uploaded with GenTool

Fixes / improvements:

  • Fixed a crash on game launch with Zero Hour The First Decade installations
  • Fixed an issue where GenTool notification popup would never disappear after game launch
  • Fixed an issue where game controls would freeze at match start
  • Fixed an issue where Generals would freeze on shutdown
  • Fixed an issue where WindowZH.big and Window.big could no longer be patched
  • Fixed an issue that would log file names incorrectly in gentool.log file
  • Fixed an issue that would generate images for upload after game session was completed
  • Fixed an issue that would break Upload Mode when toggling its menu option
  • Removed LastReplay.rep functionality in Upload Mode
  • Removed the ‘You are using a cracked binary’ GenTool message
  • Added Display (Menu) options 19, 20
  • Changed Frame Step (O) replay functionality to no longer turn off Fast Forward (F)
  • Changed font type and size of Ticker and Event message(s)
  • Changed MDS+ Text to no longer show when GenTool Display (Menu) option is turned OFF
  • Changed MDS Popup to display player names with player colors
  • Changed MDS Popup to longer show button information
  • Refactored replay parsing code
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