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  1. Free Funds Friday: Finale Ergebnisse

    Of course I do!
  2. Free Funds Friday: Wollt ihr mehr Terrain Variationen auf der Karte?

    More variation in terrain would be more interesting
  3. Free Funds Friday: Welcher Mech ist cooler, Juggernaut oder Avatar?

    I love my Juggs. The wife's too :-)
  4. Free Funds Friday: Wie regelmäßig spielst du TA?

    Every day & several times at various times depending on what I'm doing
  5. Free Funds Friday: Zu welcher Tageszeit spielst du meistens?

    My primary time is morning before work but I check in after work & am on in evenings. No one is getting the drop on me or my alliance if i can help it.
  6. Free Funds Friday: Sollte es unmöglich sein andere Allianzmitglieder anzugreifen?

    There is 1 really important reason not to. I've seen too many people go inactive while holding POIs. If you kick them out before recovering the POIs you may lose them to another alliance
  7. Free Funds Friday: Hast du die TA Facebook Seite "geliked"?

    I don't like face book. Its nothing but trouble
  8. Würdest du gern deine Fraktion wechseln?

    No I'm a GDI man.
  9. Free Funds Friday: Suchst du nach einem guten Layout vor der Basengründung?

    I always look for the multiple Tib. touches for the silos
  10. Free Funds Friday: Wieviele vollwertige Armeen besitzt du?

    5 -2 main attack and 3 for crates & to balance rt
  11. Free Funds Friday: Gibst du deinen Basen kreative Namen?

    Yes i do. I name them after my favorite beers