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United Conquer Cup - TD Lite Cup #4

Tournament start on the 17th of july at 04:00 PM UTC!
Check in open at 03:00 PM UTC!

Welcome to our United Conquer Cup - Remastered League!

We will be hosting 6 United Conquer Cup - TD Lite Cup's in the upcoming weeks on each fridays to determine who is best!
The Top 2 players of each Lite Cup will advance into our United Conquer Cup - TD Master Cup where they will fight the 12 best TD Players!

You will be able to win the following prizes in the Master Cup:

1st Place
Kanes Original Seal Ring
(strictly limited)
Remastered Champion Shirt (color and size customizable)
Master Merch Package (surprise content)

2nd Place
Remastered League Shirt
(customizable color and size)
Exclusive Printed Armies Tank

3rd Place
Remastered League Shirt
(customizable color and size)
Mini Merch Package (surprise content)

Link to the official streams: Multi Stream Link (thehatefulbait, ZxGanon, Amars90)

Brackets will be created as soon as the Check-in phase is over! (04:00 PM UTC)


Round 1: River Split
Round 2: Quarry
Round 3: Tournament Highlands
Round 4: Elevation


Round 1: Tournament Middle Camp
Round 2: Bridge Fald
Round 3: Elevation
Round 4: River Split
Round 5: Tournament Highlands
Round 6: Quarry

Finals: Tournament Desert


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