United Conquer Cup - TD Lite Cup #3

To participate:
  • Register for the tournament (Register Button Top Right)
    • Do not forget to Check-In 1 hour before the tournament starts!
  • You have to be on our Official United Forum Discord: United Forum Discord -> Category TOURNAMENTS Channel #general-chat
    • Not joining the Discord means disqualification!
    • Forum/Discord-Name = Ingame Name, you have to use the same name to distinguish the players
  • Mappool can be found here: UCC - TD Lite Cup Map Pool
  • Official United Forum Streamers:
    • ZxGanon (English Stream)
      • Other streamers are allowed as well if they want to stream their first person view!
        • Please use a delay so people will not be able to ghost you!
        • Also all streamer have to use the same Stream Headline for the Tournament
          • UCC - TD Lite Cup #3 at the start, rest is customizable
  • Tournament starts on July 10th 2020 and is set from 04:00 PM UTC till 10:00 PM UTC
  • You have to sign in one hour before the Tournament starts (that would be 03:00 PM UTC)
  • 1st and 2nd Place advance into our UCC - TD Master Cup
    • Reaching 1st will grant you a seeding against a 2nd Placed from another Lite Cup
      • Advancing into the UCC - TD Master Cup means you will be no longer able to participate in another
        TD Lite Cup since you already qualified for the UCC - TD Master Cup
  • We will be using custom competitive maps
  • One Day Tournament
  • Double Elimination
  • The first map is set for each round, after that it is losers choice
    • Maps cannot be picked twice
  • All matches in the winner bracket will be played in a Bo3
    • Losers bracket is Bo1 only
      • Finals are Bo5
        • If the winner of the Losers-Bracket does defeat the winner of the Winners-Bracket there will be another Bo5 to determine the true champion!
  • You have to report the score in our Discord Channel #report-scores
    • Without proper reports you won’t advance into the next round
  • A match between two players cannot be started until confirmed by a Tournament Admin
    • Also please inform Casters if you are about to start a game!
      • They might decide to cast you!
  • You have to follow advices from admins
Forbidden list:
  • It is forbidden to use Force Fire on Choppers to reveal shroud
    • An abuse of any of the listed items above will result in a disqualification
Game Settings:
  • Mode: Bases On - Destroy Structures
  • Gamespeed: Fast
  • Starting Units: None
  • Tech Level: 7
  • Credits: 10000

  • Unit Queueing: On
  • Tiberium Regrows: On
  • Crates: Off
  • Redeployable MCV: On
  • Super Weapons: On
  • Spawn Visceroids: Off

  • Random spawn points, you cannot preset your spawns
  • Tournament Desert: here
  • Tournament Bridge Fald: here
  • Tournament Middle Camp: here
  • Tournament Twisted Rift: here
  • Tournament Highlands: here
  • Quarry 2P: here
  • Elevation 2P: here
Officials: AmeRiZe, moby3012, ZxGanon


Participants (12/32)