United Conquer Cup - OpenRA Series

To participate:
  • Sign-In, Grid and Livestreams can be found here
  • You have to be on Official OpenRA Discord https://discord.gg/UcUztfr -> Channel #red-alert
  • Mappool can be found here
  • Forum/Discord-Name = Ingame Name, you have to use the same name to distinguish the players
  • Official Streamers:
    • ZxGanon (First Person English Stream)
    • Kaution (English Stream)
    • Amars90 (Deutscher Stream)
      • Other streams are not desired due to partnership promotions with United Forum
      • Streamers must set a delay of atleast 20 seconds
  • Tournament starts on May 31st 2020 and is set from 4pm UTC till 10pm UTC
  • You have to sign in one hour before the Tournament starts (that would be 3pm UTC)
  • 1st Place Prize:
    • An art commission from a professional designer "The Apocalypse Tank" + a Key for the Official C&C Remasters
  • We will use custom balance rules from RAGL Season 9
  • All Games will be played on the official Tournament Servers provided by 64H
  • One Day Tournament
  • Single Elimination
  • The first map is set for each round, after that it is losers choice
    • Maps cannot be picked twice
  • All matches will be played in a Bo3 except if it announced otherwise
    • Only Finals are Bo5
      • If there are a lot of participants admins will reserve the right to set up BO1
  • Match wins have to be reported on United Forum Battlezone
  • Replays have to be uploaded on United Forum Battlezone Discussion Thread
    • Without proper reports or having uploaded the replays you won’t advance into the next round
  • A match between two players cannot be started until confirmed by a Tournament Admin
  • Admins have the last word and you must follow their advice
Game Settings:
  • Starting Cash: $5000
  • MCV only
  • Game Speed: Normal
  • Time Limit: No limit
  • Tech Level: Unrestricted
  • Explored Map: on
  • Crates: off
  • Short Game: on
  • Fog of War: on
  • Build off Allies: on
  • Limited Build Area: on
  • Separate Team Spawns: off
  • Redeployable MCV: on
  • Kill Bounties: on
  • Reusable Engineers: on
  • Debug menu: off
  • Random spawn points, you cannot preset your spawns
  • Agita
  • Discovery
  • Mountain Ridge Redux
  • Shadowfiend II
  • Sonora
  • The Swamp
  • Three and a half Woods
Officials: AmeRiZe, moby3012, Netnazgul, ZxGanon