Kautious Kup

Tournament start on the 14th of august at 04:00 PM UTC!
Check in open at 03:00 PM UTC!

Greetings Commanders,

Welcome to the first addition of the Kautious Kup , a new event that will return monthly with different rulesets every month.
The event will take place at August 14th at 04:00 PM UTC and will be streamed live via >> Kautions Stream <<
Checkin opens at 03:00 PM UTC

Brackets will be created as soon as the Check-in phase is over! (04:00 PM UTC)


Round 1:
Eden Lake-KauKup-
Round 2: Eden Springs-KauKup-
Round 3: Enclosure-KauKup-
Round 4 (Final): Trask-Kaukup-


Participants (13/32)