C&C3 Tiberium Wars 1vs1 December 2018 Tournament


Oct 22, 2008
Lieblings C&C


Welcome back, Commanders! GameReplays.org is proud to announce the C&C3 Tiberium Wars 1vs1 December 2018 Tournament to be held Saturday 29th December at 15:00 GMT by Claymore (organizer) and Iluhan a.k.a. Cybernetix (caster). If you would like to join the tournament, check out the details and sign-up information below!



Date and time

Saturday, December 29th at 15:00 GMT

To compare GMT to your local timezone, you may use one of the following internet services: greenwichmeantime, timeanddate, timezoneconverter.

This tournament will be run on C&C:Online, so please confirm that you have signed up for C&C:Online and are able to access on the service before you attempt to join this event. When you join, if you have not previously played an event on C&C:Online, please state your Revora ID as well as the name you will be using in game.

It is your own responsibility to make sure you check in and show up at the correct time and date. You will not be reminded individually by staff or by a referee. The entire tournament will be finished within an estimated 4-6 hours, so please make sure to clear your schedule in advance.

The event does not feature any prize but donations are welcome.

Online Lobby
  • Tournament 1, C&C:Online

The tournament will be played as a single elimination tournament in best of three up to the semi finals, which will be played as best of five rounds. The finals will be played as best of seven rounds and the 3rd place play-off will be best of seven.

Rules and Formalities

Event Format
The tournament will be played as a single elimination tournament in best of three up to the semi finals, which will be played as best of five rounds. The finals will be played as best of seven rounds and the 3rd place play-off will be best of seven.

Signing-up and checking in

You must be signed up by the time that sign-ups close (1 hour before the event is due to start).

Please note commanders, letting someone else play in your name in an event is treated as cheating by gamereplays and will be punished accordingly. The fixed penalty for a first offence cheat conviction prescribed by the site rules is a 28 day suspension from gamereplays. The penalty for a second offence is a permanent ban. Take good notice that sharing account details with a banned member or player is likely to result in an indefinite suspension or permanent ban from C&C:Online. Don't do it!

For this tournament any faction is allowed including random.

If referees or commentators want to observe your game, you must open a slot for them. Not letting commentators or referees in may result in you getting disqualified from the tournament.

Map pool
During this event you can only use these selected 1vs1 maps.

* [Standard und RC3 Maps]

Note: Maps from the RC3 map pack can only be played with consent from both participants. If your opponent does not agree to play an RC3 map, you have to pick one of the EA maps.

The map selection is fixed and not negotiable, but subject to possible changes by the tournament organizers.

Result Reporting and Replays
After the winner of each round has been determined, it is the responsibility of the winning player to report the victory to a referee and to post the result and the replay(s) in the specified results thread. Players may not proceed to play their next round unless and until the replays (both defeats and victories) from the previous rounds have been uploaded to gamereplays.org as directed by the tournament rules or staff.

Ladder Wars Tournament Rules
To the extent that these rules do not expressly provide otherwise, the Ladder Wars Tournament Rules apply to this event.

Being Late
Players/teams that fail to show how up within 15 minutes of their allocated match time will be disqualified. At this point, an alternate player(s)/team may be allocated to their position, or the opponent will advance. Players are expected to continue playing until eliminated or until the end of the tournament is reached. Failure to play rounds in an expedient manner may result in disqualification.


If you accept the rules and wish to participate in this tournament, please post in the tournament discussion topic, giving the on line ID you will be using. Registration for the event closes 1 hour before the event is due to start. Entries after that time may be accepted at the discretion of the tournament organizers but under no circumstances will entries be accepted after check-ins have closed.

Please make sure you have signed up for Revora and are able to access Tiberium Wars on C&C:Online BEFORE you sign up for the event. If you have any problems with C&C:Online at all please make a post in the Revora Support Forum, once you have read the pinned topics there. If you have not played in a Tiberium Wars event on C&C:Online, when signing up please include your Revora ID and confirm that you have already been able successfully to log-in to Tiberium Wars using C&C:Online.

Please do not sign up if you are not 100% sure that you will be attending the tournament.

If something comes up and you are unable to attend the tournament, please post in the tournament discussion topic at once so that your slot may be reallocated to another player. Failure to show up without in-advance cancellation may result in exclusion from future tournaments.

We hope to see you on the battlefield, Commanders!
(Musst bissal was vom Text Xen weil Zeichenlimit :o)

Wer lustig ist und mitmachen will: https://www.gamereplays.org/command...e=commandandconquer-tiberium-wars-december-18
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Aug 19, 2012
wow, Schmidtjr signed up :bravo:top

ich bin leider im Urlaub ab nä. Woche Freitag, sonst hätte ich mit gemacht. Erste Runde gegen Lunak oder Mike :awesome: