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  1. Würdest du gern deine Fraktion wechseln?

    No need have played with both so I know wich is best for me.
  2. Free Funds Friday: Suchst du nach einem guten Layout vor der Basengründung?

    Ofcourse its one of the important things.
  3. Free Funds Friday: Spielst du auf dem neuen Beta Server?

    Nope not gonna play on the beta server, maybe when the options are polished and a non-beta world comes out I will tray but not sure.
  4. Free Funds Friday: Würdest du gern in der Welt von TA leben?

    The world of TA is good for a game world but not for real life world.
  5. Free Funds Friday: Welche Fraktion ist stärker, Nod oder GDI?

    For Offense I would go for NOD as for defense I must say GDI.
  6. Free Funds Friday: Würdest du auf einem Server mit Vergessenen-Angriffen starten?

    No this option would ruin the game in my eyes. Not that only when you go offline you can get attacked by enemy Alliance now also from the forgoten thats just another stupid idea from EA to make user buy more founds.
  7. Free Funds Friday: Sollten Server irgendwann neugestartet werden?

    Whats the point of puting money in the game if in the end we lose everything what we worked for.
  8. Free Funds Friday: Hast du je nach Strategie-Guides gespielt?

    Yes always followed guides from alliance members, if they could improve my gameplay.
  9. Free Funds Friday: Wurde euer Endgame jemals vereitelt?

    Didnt came that far till now.
  10. Free Funds Friday: Magst du das POI-System?

    I like it the only problem is if a stronger oponet shows up who wants that POI. :)
  11. Free Funds Friday: Hast du schonmal einen Account gefarmt?

    I did think about it but later on changed my mind.
  12. Free Funds Friday: Wie wurdest du das erste Mal auf TA aufmerksam?

    Found it when searching for any info on a new C&C game on the internet.
  13. Free Funds Friday: Hast du schon sowohl mit Nod als auch mit GDI gespielt?

    Playing both factions and love them both.
  14. Free Funds Friday: Hast du schon absichtlich Exploits ausgenutzt?

    Dont know of any Exploits and wouldnt use them if I know any.
  15. Free Funds Friday: Startest du auf dem neuen World Championship Server?

    Still didnt killed the fortress so no.
  16. Free Funds Friday: Kaufst du nur Speichererweiterungen oder auch Ressourcenkisten?

    Most of the time capacity, but if its realy important upgrade and dont have all the resources, I buy the resources instead of farming them.
  17. Free Funds Friday: Hast du bereits alles erforscht?

    Yeas I research all there is for now but I dont use all of the research joust what is usefull.
  18. Free Funds Friday: Fokussierst du dich auf eine Hauptbasis oder auf mehrere Basen?

    2 Main bases 2 Farm bases and if some crystals left 2 Backoup bases
  19. Free Funds Friday: War die Absetzung von C&C die richtige Entscheidung?

    Maybe yes maybe no didnt had the chance to try it.
  20. Einfache Frage beantworten und einen von 4 Alphakeys gewinnen!

    Well for USA we could take Washington DC as its used in many games the mission could be for APA (Take down theire defense or destroy theire monuments), than once it gets implanted we could use USA as a starting ground for GDI units for missions (Rise of a new force) For EU I would go for Spain...
  21. Free Funds Friday: Hast du jemals länger ohne Combat Simulator gespielt?

    Played without it till I found out about scripts.
  22. Contest 4 Alphakeys zu gewinnen - Sprechblasen Contest

    Would be nice to get an Alpha Key. here my two cents.
  23. Free Funds Friday: Spielst du TA mit eingeschalteten Sound?

    only when attacking enemy bases (PvP). When farming its off.
  24. Free Funds Friday: Spielst du TA mit eingeschalteten Ingameanimationen?

    Wouldnt be fun to PvP without animations. :awesome: