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  1. Insomnia^ a-sync

    Insomnia made my game go out of synch too, and then I asked for free win, and when I come back from dinner he didn't sell out he killed me off. Bad sport.
  2. Ladder Season 3 Turnierbäume Ra3/ KW

    Mutou and Matiz will go to Germany for RA3, and Boffinek and Panadero will go for KW. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a blatant troll.
  3. LS3 2te Gruppenphase

    So the question is, do you guys think he should be DQed or not? I personally think he is a fair player, and whether he is Ukraine or not doesn't matter if he is currently residing in Russia, right?
  4. Mr.Sweetness`s sehr großer Laming-Guide

    Blood sport doesn't need this guide, he is the first BH I found that is naturally lamer than Crystal's. Disgusting.
  5. LS3 2te Gruppenphase

    I'm not too good with German, but yes I will win ls3.
  6. [RA3] Team Alias Tournament + Website!!

    Hey Technique, I joined and I am in ls3 for KW. I think its like 2 hours after, so we should be done by then. And they said they will make arrangements for the GR tourney finalists, so why not for us ^^ And I think Dynamic is another that would like to do this, maybe a couple more as well.
  7. ''Grave'' hotkey...

    "Grave" key???!? What keyboard are you using xD
  8. Allies Question

    Lets all agree that KW > RA3 xD Hmm well I made this topic to figure out how to beat other factions without cheesing, and it seems like I had to do that on my own. Too bad it was too late in the last qualifying month.
  9. Wer gewinnt die ls3?

    I will win ls3
  10. Lepricon versus eSQ guy

    Great game, surprised me a LOT! Edit: Says it is over size limit at 1.06 mb... Its just a 30 min game why is it doing this?! SPOILERS: Man, this is why I can't play this game anymore, it is just ridiculous having an ending like that. Just completely ruins the game for me, the...
  11. APM Spamthread

    Pure push xD If i dont beat my legit record of 270 then pushing APM is wrong and I am just pro
  12. Black Hand is OP

    lol why is BMT APC :S The problem is you have to devote so much to stop it, which sometimes is impossible, that he can buggy bike your expansion. And stopping it is harder than you think, no cloaking field hurts, and since your anti infantry damage is direct and not splash, he can decoy his...
  13. News Gruppenphase abgeschlossen!

    One more group stage. Then we have 8 people in a normal bo3 tournament, and the final 2 go to Germany. Its just knowing my matchups for the next group stage is kind of important.
  14. News Gruppenphase abgeschlossen!

    Yes how will next weeks groups be decided. I would love to know.
  15. Black Hand is OP

    Wow, This is the most nervous I have ever played. But still, this is the first time encountering this, and I want to have people brainstorm for easy counter, as Blood, and to a lesser extent, Jay Jonez are one trick ponies. All they do is Manspam and its incredibly OP. But I will admit this...
  16. Black Hand is OP

    Posting replays, playing JayJonez in tourney right now. Bloodsport/wanted does BH manspam every game, and it is so nooby. I have never encountered this before, and it is very overpowered :(
  17. CnC4 Beta bestätigt

    Well, how do you get in the beta if you didn't buy premier edition of ra3? Is there any other way?
  18. I got MSN, how do I PM you, hold on I'll figure out xD

    I got MSN, how do I PM you, hold on I'll figure out xD
  19. LadderSeason 3 groups.

    lol German voice overs
  20. ^^ u have skype so we can play sometime? or is there some german vent I don't know about ??

    ^^ u have skype so we can play sometime? or is there some german vent I don't know about ??
  21. LadderSeason 3 groups.

    yes he does >.> you are not a top 20 player, he is he will be playing in 2 days, and let him know I am going to stomp him also why you call me "vielen auch als LepriconZNoob bekannt" :(
  22. Resolution

    I play on 1280x800, but I just watched some old dackel fpvods and he looks like he is on 800x600. Does having the camera that close help? Also this isn't a dackel fanboy site plz, cause I don't see what is so great about the guy :p
  23. LadderSeason 3 groups.

    0.0 Sweetness is fair player he should qualify. I understand why they don't like wanted but he plays on exs.blood anyways.
  24. United-Forum Versus

    :p you seem like a cool guy, who is the owner of the site?
  25. VoD GYLF}Matiz (S) vs. Vr_Nukestrike (S)

    Too much German not enough english ^^ But good vod keep it up zokker Edit: I made post during intro. Why is there no talking during vod? I mean music is ok but I usually see music-only in fpvod. But I guess this is enjoyable ;p
  26. United-Forum Versus

    ok how do I set it back to german i was just getting used to that :p and optik and crystal are teaching me german super fast ^^
  27. United-Forum Versus

    List some. Besides the language barrier.
  28. News ladderseason 3 laddershot

    I agree with Zero on something, wtf?
  29. News ladderseason 3 laddershot

    He posted on GR he is resigning from tournament.
  30. United-Forum Versus

    I may be a tad biased since they are basically running me out, but I have come to the consensus that United-forum caters to a higher skill range than I like this. A thread like this would get me banned on GR, so I can barely post there anymore. I wanted to see what you guys think of...
  31. Wer gewinnt die ls3?

    I was gonna vote for myself... But I guess Zarate will do. Btw I am winning it so this poll needs changing.
  32. News ladderseason 3 laddershot

    Zero shoo. You shouldn't even know his IP, but you like the powerabuse on GR eh? But for those that like luls, check this kid. lol hes pretty pro at what he does...
  33. LadderSeason 3 groups.

    Man I can't handle him. I am doomed.
  34. LadderSeason 3 groups.

    I got toughest group.
  35. Firelit top 100 and Optical

    I got two firelit DCs in this forum somewhere, its in a thread titled Firelit DC's. Also, he has over 100 DC's...
  36. _lstryfel_ aka GYLF}paper dc

    I'm just a person sticking up for a friend. I'll admit that one. I mean, I am the only person here defending him. Without me you only have people spamming "BURN THE WITCH!" Just be kind Seraph. Tread nicely :p
  37. _lstryfel_ aka GYLF}paper dc

    Well, you seem to be a deciding factor >.> And I stopped DCing a long time ago. Yet you act as if I still do. Does this help your cause? Or are you just an evil person? Don't bring in long dated facts into current matters; this is especially true with most of the DC reports on Stryfe. :P I...
  38. _lstryfel_ aka GYLF}paper dc

    Don't bring my past into this. I have changed, and to be frank I think I have the most insight into the situation out of all of us. I think lobby chat is bad all around, and I was only punished because it was the only thing you could catch me on. Bravo though, you banned a good player for no...
  39. _lstryfel_ aka GYLF}paper dc

    I think if the date was shown next to each report we would have more insight into this case. For example, I am fairly sure that most of the reports are from before the ladder season, which would give no cause or motive for him to DC. If we can establish that, then I think the router situation...
  40. _lstryfel_ aka GYLF}paper dc

    Wilko you're so good! You know some people don't have the best routers, and some people attract DCers more than others. For example, since you are so good (you've already established that you big ol' pro!) people won't DC you because you will be more known. People will DC random names like...
  41. _lstryfel_ aka GYLF}paper dc

    Ok, all I ask is that WHERE ARE THESE OTHER REPORTS? You keep saying there are 4, wait no 5, wait 6, wait 20, wait he's been banned before, wait let's ban him now. Thats the train of thought I see. Well, I want to see at least some evidence, sure you got one report here, but as far as I know...
  42. Wilko-TV

    Copycat! And german pokemon is teh gayz!
  43. _lstryfel_ aka GYLF}paper dc

    HitMachine, just lay off. You've gone way too far. Tbh I think that you could lose a 100 games to paper and be happy that he is illegitimately banned. This thread is useless, and if paper is going to be banned I want to see some hard evidence. All I see is a fair player with less than 10%...
  44. Allies Question

    Ok how do I stop this imba Empire crap. I know the dojo was mostly my fault, but I felt like I did so much and get so little because Empire has better eco and units :s
  45. LepriconTV!

    Well, I forgot to advertise here earlier, and so now I look like the idea stealer (damn you wilko!) But, check out LepriconTV! Essentially it is an RTS talk show, mainly for Kanes Wrath. First episode featured Voddy Second episode featured Crunk Third episode...
  46. Wilko-TV

    Wilko, at least leave credit where credit is due...
  47. _lstryfel_ aka GYLF}paper dc

    I believe in order to prove someone as a DCer in order to be banned, an enormous amount of evidence is required. All we know for sure, is that the connection was lost in the game. That is it frankly :/ The other interesting thing is Paper has less than 10% DC's, much lower than the necessary...
  48. :P thanks love you too!

    :P thanks love you too!
  49. _lstryfel_ aka GYLF}paper dc

    Hmm. I don't understand the problem here. 1) The game which supposedly "disconnected" gave you the points, which is evidenced by your 2nd screenshot. 2) He has given or offered a freewin. 3) He apologized. I think you are in the wrong here pushing for more, and I would expect you to stop...
  50. _lstryfel_ aka GYLF}paper dc

    Hmm. Maybe I am misinformed. But I do know that you have a screenshot proving he "disconnected". Don't you know you still get the points? If he did it intentionally he did it wrong, because if you do it right you will receive a "none". Since he didn't circumvent the proper win/loss system, I...