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  1. Lepricon versus eSQ guy

    Great game, surprised me a LOT! Edit: Says it is over size limit at 1.06 mb... Its just a 30 min game why is it doing this?! SPOILERS: Man, this is why I can't play this game anymore, it is just ridiculous having an ending like that. Just completely ruins the game for me, the...
  2. Black Hand is OP

    Posting replays, playing JayJonez in tourney right now. Bloodsport/wanted does BH manspam every game, and it is so nooby. I have never encountered this before, and it is very overpowered :(
  3. Resolution

    I play on 1280x800, but I just watched some old dackel fpvods and he looks like he is on 800x600. Does having the camera that close help? Also this isn't a dackel fanboy site plz, cause I don't see what is so great about the guy :p
  4. United-Forum Versus

    I may be a tad biased since they are basically running me out, but I have come to the consensus that United-forum caters to a higher skill range than I like this. A thread like this would get me banned on GR, so I can barely post there anymore. I wanted to see what you guys think of...
  5. LepriconTV!

    Well, I forgot to advertise here earlier, and so now I look like the idea stealer (damn you wilko!) But, check out LepriconTV! Essentially it is an RTS talk show, mainly for Kanes Wrath. First episode featured Voddy Second episode featured Crunk Third episode...
  6. chinabomd dc

    He DCs after the noobiest MCV push ever seen.
  7. Allies Question

    Even though I don't know german, I figured I would get a better response here then Noob GR. So can anyone tell me, how to play allies? That is a tad vague, so here is what I do, tell me what I do wrong. Every map every matchup Rax (3 dogs, 1 engi, infinite PKs) PP Ref Ref PP AF (4 vindis...
  8. Hallo

    Is there a way to change voices in game? So my units speak in german? I want to make my friends think I am crazy when I do a vod :)
  9. Lepricon versus Riz AvA

    Showing middle on BBB is overrated. Or that Riz is terribad One of those two is proven :/
  10. Random noob dcs me

    Noob DCs me. Already had {0} so probably DCed the guy before too.
  11. Lepricon's Skill Guide! Check it out!
  12. Firelit DC's me

    He says game is luck so he dcs with nothing
  13. Eat Tengu DC

    Simple DC. Sorry for no screen, but he dced after obvious losing moment. HE HAD {0} when he MET IN AUTOMATCH
  14. Dodgers must die :)

    Seraph, why are you banning legit players, and doing everything you can to keep them banned, while these no life dodgers hold top 8 spots? I mean, if you put half the amount of effort you use on me to get me unjustly banned, then Aoenian and Zarate would easily be banned. Please, I am calling...
  15. How to beat scrin?

    I once thought they were a push over, but now I think otherwise. Ok, if they mix their units right, GDI can't ever push them out of the game early, and once it is late game GDI ALWAYS loses to scrins besides reaper. :( Stormriders are nearly impossible to counter before firehawks, and if you...
  16. Lepricon Versus Greasy

    Hi! I am new to this site, but already love the sig generator and other things. I wanted to see my apm, and this may not be my best game, but posting anyways. To top 10 players btw ! Oh and sorry for the english, I don't know much german :/