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    GenTool 7.5

    GenTool 7.5 New Features 7.5 Enabled reveal of random colors and start positions with Random Balance Enabled extra camera height in singleplayer missions Enabled low camera pitch values in singleplayer missions CNC Online: Added 2v2 ladder scoreboard and points...
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    GenTool 7.1

    New and shiny. GenTool 7.1. Auto Updater will be enabled for GenTool 7.1 in a few days when there are no reports of critical issues. FlameIORI and I have tested most features on Zero Hour 1.04, Generals 1.08, First Decade and Origin Ultimate Collection with CNC Online and GameRanger. If you...
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    GenTool 7.0

    GenTool 7.0 Hit F5 to refresh website. GenTool Documentation New Features 7.0 Fixed a series of critical exploits: scud bug, tunnel bug, building bug Added a latency presentation as light blue frame count in GenTool HUD Updater: Added update package to fix cracked game.dat...
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    GenTool 6.8

    GenTool 6.8 Hit F5 to refresh website. GenTool Documentation New Features 6.8 CNC Online: Enabled Relax Maps to be playable with statistics from unofficial map list CNC Online: Added top 10 scoreboard(s) to online experience Fixes/Improvements 6.8 Fixed a...
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    CNC Online (Revora) issues have been fixed - New GenTool 6.5 released

    GenTool 6.5 is now available and grants automatically access to CNC Online. The standalone CNC Online launcher is no longer necessary. Also all outstanding server issues have been fixed. The servers will now run like original GameSpy (apart from stats and quickmatch). Register your online...
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    GenTool to force random reveal on LAN?

    Please vote here
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    Size vs Rage Wednesday 27th March 20:00 UTC Stanislav TV
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    scuba vs Karro

    WS 2013 FINALS scuba vs Karro This tuesday, 12 March, 20:00 UTC Stanislav TV
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    Maphack Verdacht

    Sieht eindeutig aus. Worker war im Nebel und wurde schön anvisiert mit "AIAttackState" 100% maphack imo. Radeon, uns kannste verarschen, aber GenTool nicht. :p
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    Spiele von der LAN in Hillartshausen

    Alle Games die ich dort gespielt habe:
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    Control Bar HD Remastered

    Improve quality of Zero Hour ControlBar by 150-200% :de: Control Bar HD Remastered
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    create map preview

    Also ich habs geschafft die Textur mit 256*256 zu erstellen aber da sind wohl mehr Änderungen nötig. Der Wisch sieht nun so aus.
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    create map preview

    Sample Preview:
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    create map preview

    Hi wie erstelle ich das karten vorschau bild (tga)? gibts im editor nen preset dafür? wie kann ich vegetation (und straßen) ausstellen? Hatte erst nur das gefunden aber ist etwas unpräzise
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    RAGE vs SIZE finals - 260$ cXn Tourney 2012

    What: 260$ 1v1 Tournament Final Who: SiZe (Denmark) & Rage (Dutchland) When: Saturday 26th May 16:00 GERMAN TIME Where:
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    GenTool 6.2

    GenTool 5.4 (hit F5 to refresh website) P.S. don't forget to read the GenTool Documentation New Features 5.4 Fixed multiple game crashes when selecting players in replay mode Fixed game crash when leaving replay mode while player places beacon Added Fog of War in replay...
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    GENTOOL.NET now accepts donations

    Hi Generals, you may noticed that we have severe problems with hosting GenTool server. Painbow himself cannot afford it currently so we are stuck. A new server is in preparation, but we are unsure if we can afford it in the long run. If you want to have the Upload Mode hosted in future you can...
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    Die Stunde Null | Die World Series 2012 geht an Dänemark

    ZERO HOUR World Series 2012 Finals - LIVESTREAM +++++ Attention Generals! This Monday, 27th of February, 18:00 GMT the best players of Zero Hour will fight each other in a demolitioning event to gain victory, honor and grab up the prize money of 10.000 $$$ SiZe VS Ruiz The World Series...
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    ! 2v2 gg +++++ silver team cup LIVE STREAM

    Right from the Bronx in your face comes STANISLAV Oh yeah! And presents you this evening a demolitioning power event. Oh yeah! 2v2 gg+++++++ Spalding + Size VS Excal + Humanity 19:00 GMT+1 @ Spread the gospel and make sure you will not miss this killer...
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    2v2 vs Alucarth and Xerum [Video]

    Das muss ne subjektive Meinung sein. Hier mal nen 1 zu 1 Vergleich, Fullscreen.
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