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  1. Free Funds Friday: Wollt ihr mehr Terrain Variationen auf der Karte?

    The batman lake is everywhere! We need more superheroes
  2. Free Funds Friday: Suchst du nach einem guten Layout vor der Basengründung?

    5 touch tib is a must (for most bases) I even saw a base with 2 5 touch tibs in it #setthenewstandard
  3. Free Funds Friday: Magst du die neue Lager-Level Berechnung?

    Haven't seen the changes yet...
  4. Free Funds Friday: Magst du lieber GDIs oder Nods Farbpalette?

    red is too aggressive, blue more peaceful
  5. Free Funds Friday: Gibst du deinen Basen kreative Namen?

    Like the voortrekkers did
  6. Free Funds Friday: Würdest du TA gern auf einem Mobilgerät spielen?

    I already do if i'm on wifi but its a bit slow. I wanna try log in at work to start a new world
  7. Free Funds Friday: Sollten Supportwaffen verändert werden?

    No, I don't think they'll have as big an impact to the game as changing something else would, rather focus efforts on something requested by the players
  8. Free Funds Friday: Spielst du auf dem neuen Beta Server?

    Not yet, all guns ablazing on 89 still
  9. Free Funds Friday: Würdest du gern in der Welt von TA leben?

    If you asked my wife, she'd say I already do live in TA...
  10. Free Funds Friday: Würdest du auf einem Server mit Vergessenen-Angriffen starten?

    I wouldn't start there now as i'm currently busy with another server, but if things go badly for us i'll start a new one and forgotten attacks sound good
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