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  1. Free Funds Friday: Finale Ergebnisse

    this fund help me a lot, when there is trouble on boku payment lol
  2. Free Funds Friday: Denkst du EA Easy hat bisher gute Arbeit geleistet?

    So far Easy has fast respond on some exploid issue ;)
  3. Free Funds Friday: Welcher Panzer ist cooler, Scorpion oder Predator?

    Both good for me, same ability, same hit range :p
  4. Free Funds Friday: Wollt ihr mehr Terrain Variationen auf der Karte?

    more mountain here, more lake here and nice river there and why i never see forest there :p
  5. Free Funds Friday: Welcher Mech ist cooler, Juggernaut oder Avatar?

    both are good for their specialist, should be compare avatar vs mammoth (anti vehichle) or juger vs specter (building destroyer) :p
  6. Free Funds Friday: Magst du lieber GDIs oder Nods Farbpalette?

    :gdilogo blue gdi :Cnc4_gdi_sup_fire:
  7. Free Funds Friday: Würdest du TA gern auf einem Mobilgerät spielen?

    yes, i would like too, if there is app for android device ;)
  8. Free Funds Friday: Sollten Supportwaffen verändert werden?

    Hope it is more cheaper ,lol
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