Die achte Saison der Command and Conquer Rivals Team League startet demnächst. Interessierte Spieler können sich noch bis einschließlich 31.10. dafür anmelden.

New CM, new season of RTL!

Rivals Team League is back, along with vanity giveaways!

The prize pool has returned, just like it was last time: 6 vanity prizes, every week to random participants!

OfTPjet Noch 3 Tage für die Anmeldung zur Rivals Team League Season 8

Captains, fill out this form to register your team: https://forms.gle/cnr9wjuSghvxj22n6

Deadline to sign up is October 31st!

More info in the official community server: https://discord.gg/HPJfffX

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