Mit dem Patch vom 1. August bietet Phenomic mit dem Forgotten Fortress eine Möglichkeit für Allianzen ihre Server zu gewinnen.

Endlich! Nachdem auf fast allen lange bestehenden Welten sich bereits herauskristallisiert hat welche Allianz den Server gewinnen wird gibt es nun eine Möglichkeit dies tatsächlich zu tun. Dies erfolgt in mehreren Schritten:


  • Sobald ein Spieler lvl38 Tunnel erreicht erscheinen Farmen auf der Welt, die Codefragmente enthalten, die benötigt werden um die Kontrollknoten der Festung zu deaktivieren
  • Es wird dann eine Allianz benötigt, die 4 von 7 Kontrollknoten in ihren Besitz bringt
  • Dadurch wird ein 10 Tages Countdown gestartet
  • Nach dem Countdown ist es möglich die Festung anzugreifen
  • Sobald die Festung besiegt ist ist die Welt gewonnen

Orginatext von Phenomic in englisch:


On Wednesday 01-08-2012 at 11:00 UTC, we will take down all Closed Beta Worlds for about 15 minutes each, to deploy the latest game update.

Introducing the C&C Tiberium Alliances endgame

After a couple of months the first strong Alliances make their way deeper and deeper into the middle of the World centers
and are fighting for pure domination against others and the Forgotten, but why are we all fighting each other, and why does
the Forgotten become so much stronger as deeper as we get into the core of the zone? It is now time to find out what´s behind
all this, as we bring you today, the real reason and the truth for your conflict, and the one and only way to win this war!

The Forgotten have managed to steal the Tacitus from the GDI’s headquarter and hide it in their unknown giant pyramid
in the center of the world – the land of the Forgotten. Rumors are that the power of the Tacitus enables an alliance to
improve their military technologies to a level of pure domination over the world. Nod and GDI are required to unite their firepower
and get the Tacitus back in order to stop the Forgotten.

The goal is to conquer and hold at least four of seven strategic positions as an alliance to deactivate the safety shield of the Forgotten pyramid.
This is going to be a large base that has to be defeated to get access into the tower and obtain the Tacitus.
The endgame compromises 3 phases to win the world.

The first phase starts as soon as the first player reaches the level 38 base radius of the world. From now on, server farms
will spawn at random positions within the radius. Satellite tracking will briefly uncover the positions of the farms. They contain
code fragments that are needed to be downloaded at the seven well-defended network Control Hubs.

Once this intelligence is secured, an alliance is required to capture these Control Hubs. Every Control Hub is surrounded
by eight strong bases that must be defeated and occupied by a player. An alliance that controls 4 of 7 Control Hubs, initiates a countdown of 10 days.

control hubsmall Endgame Gegner in Tiberium Alliances

At its conclusion of the countdown, the fortress that guards the Tacitus will be revealed – the strongest base of
the game is now attackable. The key to success is to get as many members as possible simultaneously online who
activate their Control Hubs to weaken the base. Once it is defeated, the alliance is able to claim the Tacitus and wins the world by pure domination.

forgotten fortresssmall Endgame Gegner in Tiberium Alliances

We expect the overall downtime of all worlds to be no longer than one hour. Please note that we maintain the worlds phased and are going to take each world offline for about 15 minutes. Early maintained worlds might be online again while others are still offline for this update. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

You may find the complete overview about today´s changes in the patchnotes HERE.

See you on the battlefield!

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