EA_Rhiordd as special guest in the newest installment of the united forum podcast talks about mobile version, endgame and more. Read the english summary here.

We had the great opportunity to welcome EA_Rhiordd as a special guest in our latest united forum podcast. Due to popular request we now offer a english summary concerning the most important aspects of what we were told. For our german speaking readers the uncut audio is available here, aswell as german summaries (mobile) (endgame).

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EA_Rhiordd about the mobile version of tiberium alliances

  • the app is free
  • App will be available shortly – current status: almost in the apple review processing
  • phenomics initial work on the app is almost finished
  • phenomic will continue to work hard on mobile version after release
  • the app will contain the full game (no need to ever start the game via browser)
  • the interface was optimized and redone for touchscreen control
  • It is possible to create an origin account via the mobile app
  • all worlds are accessible in the app
  • funds can be bought via in-app-purchase
  • ingame prices are identical to browser prices, despite the apple share
  • android version is not ready yet
  • first time phenomic is developing for mobile devices – one can expect optimizations
  • every browser feature will be made available in the mobile version – and vice versa
  • no version (browser or mobile) will be patched before the other
  • the will be no combat simulator in the mobile app (at launch)
  • phenomic is looking into the possibility to add a combat simulator, if there is demand for it
  • scripts will not work in the app


EA_Rhiordd about the endgame


  • long development time cause they switched the endgame design
  • first endgame version was a hard fight, but nothing special compared to other fights in the game
  • new endgame version is meant to have a „woah“ effect
  • new units/buildings/upgrades for the forgotten units (some of them already shared)
  • defense length of the fortress is similar to standard bases
  • the endgame does feature teamplay, but not in a way that two players can attack at the same time
  • shieldhubs are used to insert viruses which weaken the fortress
  • endgame is dynamic – as stronger the players are as stronger the fortress will be
  • the endgame is not impossible to beat – but it always will be a challenge
  • it is possible to beat the endgame while fighting of an enemy alliance
  • rumors about bases beeing transfered to another world once the endgame is beaten are false
  • every alliance will have a chance to beat the endgame (including wings) – exact mechanics are still a secret


Some more topics which came up in the podcast, but do not have a german summary yet.

  • mr.BeeKay (moderator and alliance leader) talks about his visit at phenomic
  • 21 base limit was lifted due to player demands
  • possibility of c&c 2013 (generals 2) takeing away the playerbase (rhiordd thinks that won’t be the case)
  • forgotten attacks (won’t happen in the endgame patch)
  • the level 51 changes
  • POIs beeing too important
  • pay2win aspects of the game
  • customization/ skins
  • prime time advertisement on a german tv station named pro7


If you have any questions or comments feel free to post a comment below (in english – for german please use the other articles).

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