Oft haben wir gerätselt, orakelt und vielleicht auch ein wenig nur gehofft, doch nun ist es bestätigt. die Bruderschaft von Nod kommt mit dem kommenden Tiberium Alliances Patch auf die offiziellen Closed Beta Server von Phenomic.

Außerdem lässt das EA Studio in Ingelheim die Spieler noch einmal deutlich spüren, dass es sich bei Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances nochimer um eine beta handelt indem gravierende Änderungen an Gameplay und Ressourcenmanagement vorgenommen werden! Der Umfangreiche Balancing- und Featurepatch wird in wenigen Wochen planmäßig auch auf die öffentlichen und deutschen Open Betaserver aufgespielt! Die Patchnotes im Detail!

Patchnotes 05-09-2012
New features:
– Nod is available as a player faction on the reopened Closed Beta Servers
Please note, that is not possible to switch from GDI to Nod. You have to make a fresh game on a CB-server, starting by Lvl 1.
– Point of Interests now provide their boosts
Note that the unboosted resource production and combat strength is reduced compared to before the patch, but the boost can be about twice as strong as the reduction.
General balancing adjustments:
Obstacles in the defense area (wood, oil slicks, etc.) now slow down units by 50% (used to be 25%)
Forgotten bases are more challenging to take out: They repair themselves significantly faster: Now it takes only 1 hour for an almost completely destroyed Forgotten base to repair all its damage.
Introduced a limit on how much plunder one can get when attacking another player. The limit depends on the army level of the attacker. This is to stop the exploit, where players sell everything in their base and “give” the resources to a friendly player.
Change in target prioritization for offense units: Attacking the defense units in front of an offense unit have now a higher priority than defense units left/right or behind the offense unit. (Doesn’t overwrite the preference for primary targets. E.g. a Guardian still attacks an infantry unit to its left when blocked by a vehicle.)
All offense units need slightly more repair time, encouraging the use of armies from multiple bases slightly earlier.
Forgotten Balancing:
SAM Site
Decreased damage VS air
Decreased life and damage
No damage VS air
Spawns more often and at camp lvl 11 and higher
Reaper Artillery
Decreased damage VS vehicles and air
Demolisher Artillery
Decreased damage VS infantry
Movement of all units decreased
New units:
Forgotten Sniper
Medium ranged infantry, good against infantry
Spawns in bases 17+, Outposts 19+ and Camps 22+
Forgotten Mammoth
Strong vehicle, good against vehicles
Spawns in bases 18+, Outposts 20+ and Camps 23+
Zone Trooper
Increased life
Increased damage VS vehicles and walls
Decreased ammo
Zone Trooper
Increased life
Increased damage VS vehicles and air
MG Nest
Decreased damage VS vehicles
Deals Crossover-damage to vehicles
Decreased damage
Increased range from 2.5 to 3.5
Increased damage VS air
Increased damage VS infantry
Decreased damage VS vehicles and air
Titan Artillery
Decreased damage VS infantry
SAM Site
Decreased damage VS air


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