Wie das aus zwei Personen bestehende Moderatorenteam heute bekanntgegeben hat sucht das offizielle C&C Subreddit aktuell verstärkung im Bereich Moderation. Hier der offizielle Beitrag.

Hey commanders,

Mod applications

The subreddit has grown a lot in the past year and consequently we want to add a mod or two to the team. General duties involve answering mod mail, removing spam, stickying applicable posts and in general just making the subreddit better.

We are looking for someone who can be bothered to do it and treats users politely and with respect. Being active on Discord is preferred but not required. Previous moderating experience is not necessary in the slightest but having some (any) activity on this subreddit is.

If you’re interested send us a modmail with a short introduction, your time zone and most active hours and feel free to include whatever else you feel is relevant.

Other stuff

We’ve kept this subreddit basically a free-for-all basically forever. We essentially only remove blatant commercial spam and duplicate posts and in the 8 years I’ve been a mod here we’ve banned a grand total of maybe 2 accounts that were not bots or spam burner accounts. The overall policy of moderators being janitors and not curators will not be changing – that’s what the voting buttons are for.

Recently we have received a lot of comments that the subreddit is cluttered with low quality and low effort posts. For the longest time we barely managed to fully populate the front page in a week so there were no other posts to drown out in the first place. This has changed and is now the new normal. Some have suggested a no-memes policy or similar and as discussed above that’s not happening. However less draconian policies are not out of the question if that’s something the userbase wants. So we’d like to raise the discussion of whether you feel there is a problem in the first place and if so what if anything you’d like to see change in that regard. By all means share your thoughts in this post. Also feel free to bring up any other subreddit or meta-issue that’s on your mind.

Also stay tuned for another announcement this week!

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