Deck Analyse November 2020

Deck Analyse November 2020

ORO99 von Hellz Connection hat sich erneut die Mühe gemacht und die Decks der vergangenen C&C Rivals Season analysiert und seine Analysen bereitgestellt. Zu den größten Gewinnern der Saison gehören die Nod Scorpion Panzer und Lasertruppen, sowie die GDI Drohnenschwärme und Orcas. Hier findet ihr die kompletten Rohdaten und die Analyse vom Rivals Blog.

Screenshot2B2020 12 182Bat2B3.10.282BPM Deck Analyse November 2020

Screenshot2B2020 12 182Bat2B3.09.442BPM Deck Analyse November 2020

Renegade X Patch 5.469 erschienen!

Renegade X Patch 5.469 erschienen!

Das Team von Renegade X hat ein kleines Weihnachtsgeschenk für euch. Der neue Patch 5.469 ist soeben erschienen und bringt einiges an Änderungen und Neuerungen mit sich, insbesondere Wintervarianten der bekannten Maps des Community Command and Conquer Projekts.





| Bug Fixes |

  • Fixed attached c4’s causing double damage on actor because of radius damage
  • Building Destroyed indicator now only pops up if the building is actually destroyed instead of having 0 rounded Health and Armour
  • Fixed bug where building icon will not update to destroyed status if you have scoreboard opened all the time
  • Fixed Overview Map starting off as blank HP and Armor
  • Fixed case sensitivity of Private MessagingHost
  • Fixed a few cases of vehicles not able to properly roll out on certain maps
  • Fixed ammo pickups being consumed by infantry that are full ammo/unable to get ammo
  • Fixed an occasion where Remote C4 takes damage when attached to enemy vehicles, when it shouldn’t.
  • Fixed the beard of McFarland in the LODs
  • Other minor bug fixes


| Changes |

  • Random Weapon Crate
    • Added: Piercing Ion Cannon
      • Burst Fire Weapon: 3 Rounds
      • 65 damage per shot
      • 12 clips of 6 ammo
      • Piercing Power: 20
    • Removed: AT Mines
  • Harvester
    • Max VP from20to40
  • Minor damage nerf to the Grenade Launcher weapon scaling vs Infantry
    • Damage vs Flak: 0.50 -> 0.40
    • Damage vs Kevlar: 0.90 -> 0.75
    • Damage vs Lazarus: 0.90 -> 0.75
    • Damage vs No Armour: 0.90 -> 0.825
  • Updated Overview Map to use similar system as Scoreboard for buildings.
  • Update to make Player Icons more obvious in Overview Map by giving them periodical ping
  • Can now enter vehicles while crouching
  • Added Real Shuffle to the jukebox
  • Can no longer vote kick logged in Moderators or Administrators
  • Increased Repair Distance slightly for Repair Facilities (GDI and Nod) but the Repair Value drops depending on the number of vehicles being repaired
  • Changed the VP Reward Threshold when damaging Buildings from 450 to 675. This means you need to damage the Building more before getting VP.


| Map Changes |

  • CNC-Cliffside

    • Readjusted Tiberium area
    • Made the GDI Barracks a bit harder to sneak to
    • Connected Tiberium area to infantry path
    • Landscape and path adjustments
    • Moved default Harvester standby for both teams to better spots
    • Some changes to the Beach side
    • Fixed some B2B spots
  • CNC-Complex

    • Fixed a rock sticking through the Tunnel ceiling
  • CNC-Crash_Site

    • Fixed a permanent stuck spot between a rock and one of the Scrin ship arm
    • Blocked an Artilery whoring spot next to the Abandoned Weapon Factory
  • CNC-Eyes

    • Changed Tiberium default standby points to better positions
  • CNC-Forest

    • Field is a bit bigger now, to offer more space for the big & slow GDI Tanks
    • Added an additional Infantry tunnel on the back path
    • Blocked Nod from shooting the GDI Harvesterfrom their side of the river
  • CNC-Fort

    • Added missing foliage tree collisions
    • Vehicle Limit increased from 8 to 11
    • Mine Limit increased from 18 to 26
    • Airstrike Cooldownincreased from 30 to 50 seconds
    • Fixed being able to buy aircraft on Fort
    • Fixed a spot, that allowed GDI to shoot the HoN from the Field
    • Additional an blocking volume behind GDI Barracks to prevent Nuclear Beacons being placed inside a rock
    • Fixed the rock behind the GDI Weapon Factory having bad collision
    • Fixed vehicles being able to drive up the exit only path
    • Added a few more tank blockers to explain infantry only areas better
  • CNC-Goldrush

    • Added Collision to some factory meshes, to prevent players to go inside it
    • Blocked Artilery from shooting GDI Refinery and Advanced Guard Tower from the Hill
    • Fixed Portaloocollision near the Factory
    • Changed Tiberium default standby points to better positions
  • CNC-Islands

    • Adjusted volume placement to prevent accidental vehicle death near Tunnel Entrances
  • CNC-Islands_X

    • Fixed a missile curving spot
  • CNC-Lakeside (All Variants)

    • Fixed abused spots
    • Changed Tiberium default standby points to better positions
  • CNC-Mesa

    • Vehicle Blocking Volumes added to Building Ramps to prevent Vehicles getting on the ramp tops
  • CNC-Reservoir (All Variants)

    • Moved a leaf particle effect near the Nod Airtower over to fix the leaves coming through the wall
    • Slightly made the ladder volumes on the ivy wall plants longer so it’s easier to climb up (and not falling down constantly)
    • Fixed a glitchy spot between the landscape and dam (collision fix)
    • Updated Underwater Post Processing (less green-ish)
    • Fixed an out of bounds spot behind Nod Power Plant
    • Removed Barbed Wire Damage
    • Fixed being able to get in the tunnels from the Power Plant
    • Fixed the Tank Blockers partially floating above the ground
    • Other bug fixes
  • CNC-Under

    • Fixed abused spot
  • CNC-Walls (All Variants)

    • Fixed abused spots
  • CNC-XMountain

    • Fixed an issue where the Image Grain (White Noise) would become extremely high every time you opened the Purchase Menu