Hey everyone,

I'll keep this brief. If you have watched BattleCast Primetime already, then you probably saw me for 4 minutes discussing a lot of what you may already know, but hey, we can't always depend on the entire C&C community to know. That said, here is a more detailed update on some of my hit topics from the show:

PATCH 1.07 is nearing QA approval this week we anticipate. We had some localization issues that needed to be fixed and thus patch 1.07 fell off that "fast track". Keep your heads high however, the light at the end of the tunnel is near. I hope to have a concrete release time frame very soon. The patch/mod sdk will not be out this week. I will do my best to let you know before the week ends what we are looking at. I hate to leave on this note, but I want to be sure we're QA approved before I mention a release date. That QA approval looks very good for later this week.

MOD SDK - its coming with Patch 1.07, thats about all I have for you right now on that front. There will be lots of documentation and info to accompany it when it releases, we're so close!

Ladder Season - Everything is nearly in place, I am just awaiting some final legal approval on rules. Look for the ladder season to start late August with a full reset. We have yet to decide on the stats reset, still analyzing community opinion on what everyone wants reset...or not.

Cheating/Disconnecting - Currently working with the new mods on compiling a list and suspensions/bans are due to be handed out. I apologize for this action not happening sooner but its a sensitive process and you can expect much more action during the ladder season when it matters the most.


On the show I mentioned we'd be sponsoring the current, Open Map Competition 4, being hosted by many prominent members of the community, most notably Banshee and Chickendippers from www.cnccommunity. net.

Well, I am proud to announce that the winning multiplayer maps of Open Map Competition 4 will have a shot to be included OFFICIALLY in our upcoming expansion pack, Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath (announced on BattleCast Primetime!).

That's right, we will look at the winning maps and work with the map creators to determine if they can be included as an official multiplayer map in Kane's Wrath! Imagine your map, forever immortalized in an official Command & Conquer game. Its a huge community opportunity for the talented mappers out there, so get going, the deadline has been extended to September 4th!

Enter here:

That's all I have for you, i'll certainly be on and around the boards daily as usual, back to normal. I'll keep you guys posted.

  • Patch 1.07 nicht diese Woche, sieht gut aus für nächste Woche (release Date gibts aber erst wenn er durchs QA ist)
  • Mod SDK kommt mit 1.07
  • Ladder Season wird Ende August starten, gibt momentan noch einige Probleme mit den Regeln (die müssen von der von ihren Anwälten abgesegnet werden)
  • Cheater;D/C - Er arbeitet mit den Mods dran eine Liste zusammenzustellen, Bans kommen bald... und mit der Ladder Season wird das alles sowieso schneller gehen
  • Open Map Competition 4 - Gewinnermaps werden (möglicherweise?) in der Expansion enthalten sein. Link zum Wettbewerb: